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    Taking care of the baby!


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    Taking care of the baby! Empty Taking care of the baby!

    Post by Iesha 10th October 2015, 5:20 am

    Job Description:
    Name: Take Care Of My Baby!
    Player(s) needed: No more than 2.
    Requirements: At least 5 posts, total of 150 words per post minimum.
    Job requirements:Take care of the baby and make him fall asleep when his parents come back.
    Client’s Name: Katy
    Location: Magnolia Town
    Information: Me and my husband are going for a big party and it’s out of town. Our son, our naughty-inhumane-son, is going to spend the night alone if he doesn’t have any babysitter to take care of him. We need you to take care of him and when we come back we expect him asleep; or else I will not reward you. This may sound like an easy job to do, but in fact it’s hard. The fact that I say that is because; he’s an inhumane baby: he’s very naughty, and dangerous. This one time, I saw him taking a knife and nearly cut his cute fingers off. Anyway, good luck!
    Rewards: 750 jewels each.

    You're going to catch a cold,
    from the ice inside your soul.

    A small sigh escaped her parted lips and she glided her gaze over the black ink that stained the paper. A couple needed help with their child and the young black-haired slayer needed help with her finance, the only option is to help each other out, right? That is what the female believe and instantly set out from the comfortable and warm surroundings of Sabertooth and into the infamous town of Magnolia. Not bothering to take her pet to this tedious job, she left the cub within the large walls of the guild as he ran around with his fellow inhumane pets. After thirty agonizing minutes of executing the most loathsome task, traveling, the ice mage finally reached her destination where she immediately hopped off and with her hands covering her mouth, she bolted towards the ladies room where she puked out her breakfast. Her pale face regained some color as she stared into the mirror before sighing once more. She turned, only to be met with ladies giving her a weird look, attempting to hide their disgusted expressions. Riley simply rolled her eyes and trudged onto the streets and soon arrived at her destination.

    After exactly four knocks, the door flung open, revealing a beautiful blonde woman dressed elegantly in a red dress. She stared at the slayer in confusion casing her to cough, "I'm Riley." She raised the sheet so it stood parallel to the woman's face, "I'm here for the job." A warm smile spread over the blonde's face, "Welcome Riley. Thank you for accepting our request and you made it just in time, we were just about to leave. The party starts hours later but we need to leave now on order to reach there on time since it's far away from town." The slayer simply responded with a nod as the woman called her husband who was dressed in a black tux. The couple appeared to be in their mid or late twenties causing Riley to anticipate the fact that their child would be no more than five as the child's age was not mentioned in the job request.

    The couple soon left after revealing to Riley that their son sat in his play room and warned her about his antiques. The female simply laughed it off and after their departure, headed to the 'play room'. Following the directions the woman left behind, she walked over to the room and opened the door wider, revealing the back of a blonde child, appearing to be around the age of three. She stepped forward. "Hello." Her voice was soft. Individuals who have heard her scream and yell or even converse sarcastically would be surprised at the sweetness her voice was coated with. That one word caught the child's attention and brought it's blue gaze onto her. he gaze a heartwarming smile which unconsciously caused Riley to smile back.

    She was woken into reality once something hit her face and the sound of laughter bombarded her ears. her smile fell as her closed eyes flew open. She looked down to see  rubber chew toy sitting on the floor after it had just hit her. her eyes snapped at the child that sat there grinning. He stood up and ran towards her with his tiny feet, or so she thought; she simply stared at him as he ran past her and out of the room with a few toys placed in his hands, "Hey! Where are you going?" She followed him and failed to look down on the floor and ended up stepping on a toy car and slipping to fall directly on her chin. A wave of pain shot through her child as she positioned herself to a seated position and rubbed the injured spot, "Ow, ow, ow, ow. Stupid car." She muttered as she saw the child, or David as his parents had called him, standing a few feet away from her and laughing.

    She let out a growl and stood up, following the running David yet again. Her strides were enough to catch up to his running. She leisurely walked, still in pain but carefree, underestimating the power of the toddler. When she arrived at the kitchen, she found the child on his tiptoes, with his hands stretched to reach the counter and his fingers mere centimeters away from the knife. Her eyes widened and she ran, quickly pushing the knife away, causing the child to kick her shin and make her groan in pain, "You little brat.." She muttered once again as she bend down and rubbed the area where she got injured. She stood to her full height, which wasn't much really, and picked up the toddler, holding him at a safe distance in case he decided to claw her face. "You're going to bed. Now." She carried him up despite the child's attempt at escaping from her grasp by wriggling and crying. She stubbornly carried him up and placed him in the cot that was adorned with baby blue sheets. He sat there and continues weeping loudly. Her ears were in pain and she had to quieten him.

    An idea popped into her mind as she raised her hand and suddenly a snowflake appeared looming over her palm. This caught the child's attention as he quietened down and stared at it in awe. The snowflake rotated in her hand slowly as she laid the child down. This trick was something she had mastered after years. She then raised the snowflake over his face and retracted her hand, leaving the ice object looming over him. He stared at it until he fell asleep and the snowflake shattered. Hours later, the parents returned and were happy with the results. They paid the female and she was off to Sabertooth.
    NOTES: 964/750 words

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    Taking care of the baby! Empty Re: Taking care of the baby!

    Post by Hikachu 10th October 2015, 6:37 am

    Taking care of the baby! YdROJZD


    Taking care of the baby! JhB4MAf

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