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    A Nephalem Taking Care of...A Baby? (Job; Decayuss)


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    A Nephalem Taking Care of...A Baby? (Job; Decayuss) Empty A Nephalem Taking Care of...A Baby? (Job; Decayuss)

    Post by Decayuss 26th November 2014, 10:09 pm

    Job Information:
    Name: Take Care Of My Baby!
    Player(s) needed: No more than 2.
    Requirements: At least 5 posts, total of 200 words per player.
    Job requirements:Take care of the baby and make him fall asleep when his parents come back.
    Client’s Name: Katy
    Location: Magnolia Town
    Information: Me and my husband are going for a big party and it’s out of town. Our son, our naughty-inhumane-son, is going to spend the night alone if he doesn’t have any babysitter to take care of him. We need you to take care of him and when we come back we expect him asleep; or else I will not reward you. This may sound like an easy job to do, but in fact it’s hard. The fact that I say that is because; he’s an inhumane baby: he’s very naughty, and dangerous. This one time, I saw him taking a knife and nearly cut his cute fingers off. Anyway, good luck!
    Rewards: 750 jewels each.

    "What do you mean I would fail the job?" Deniel sat on his bed, and, like usual, he was going through job descriptions and requests. He found one that sounded very easy, and he didn't see why his sword, Nidhogg, was arguing with him about it. All he had to do was make a baby fall asleep until its parents came home, what could be so hard about that? "What the Hell makes you think you'd be good with a baby? That could go wrong in so many ways!" "What are you talking about? What could go wrong? It's just a baby!" "Yeah....that's the thing." Deniel rolled his eyes at his sword. He had already made up his mind; he was going to do this job. So just like with the previous D ranks that he did before, Deniel shot out of his room like a rocket and took off in the sky with his Wings of the White Angel. The job description said it was located in Magnolia Town, so Deniel thought it was going to be about a five minute flight. And just like the other times, he was right. He was learning to estimate his flight times, and they even showed signs of getting faster, as if his magic was growing slowly and slowly. Once Deniel arrived in Magnolia Town, he stopped in front of it and lowered himself down to the ground. He cancelled his spell so that he wouldn't attract TOO much attention. After that, he made his way into Magnolia Town so he could find the house.

    It was around 7 P.M., with the sun almost completely set from the horizon. That meant that once Deniel started his job, he would have several hours until the clients came back to reward him. Deniel eventually arrived at the house they lived in, and gave a knock on the door. Both of them answered it, and they were dressed in fairly fancy clothes, just like going to a party...not that kind of party. "You must be Deniel, correct? You're not exactly how I hoped you would be. Just looking at you alone might scare the baby, but we've got no one else to do this job. And remember, if he's not asleep by the itme we're home, you get nothing!" Deniel didn't even have time to answer him before he got his shoulder bumped in to, seemingly on purpose, and the door left open for him. Nidhogg was probably right; this might go wrong. Well, the man said that they had no one else, so Deniel wasn't really left with much of a choice. With a sigh, he walked inside of their house and closed the door behind him. Deniel took in another sigh, and decided he would just go in and get this over with. Maybe the child's parents and Nidhogg were wrong. Maybe he would do fine...maybe...hopefully.

    Deniel started up the steps to the second floor, which is where the baby was. He could hear it from the first floor, with its incoherent and inexplicable sounds. Deniel took a right on the second door, and saw the baby lying there in its cradle. Deniel looked over to it, and in just a few seconds after it looked into Deniel's eyes....it started crying. Deniel took a step back, being caught off-guard by what had just happen. Then he began to cringe and panic. He didn't know what to do. He thought he might just wait it out, and the baby would eventually stop crying. Deniel sat down in a chair right next to the cradle....and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And still, it didn't top. About two hours had already passed by, and he couldn't believe that it was crying. Eventually, Deniel started to get even more annoyed, so he clenched his fist and stood up. "SHUT UP ALREADY!" He raised his voice very loud. And somehow... it worked. The baby stopped crying, and stared at Deniel. It tilted his head at him, and Deniel didnt' say anything. At least it stopped.

    "You umm....you want me to tell you a story?" The baby suddenly extended its arms out to him at the word "story", laughing and seemingly nodding. Deniel couldn't help himself. He smiled and took the baby out of the crib, and sat it on the ground. He moved his chair to face it, and then held up both of his hands. "Well ummm...once upon a time, there was a man. He was quite a sad man, though. He had good looks, plenty of talent, and money, but there was one thing he didn't have: friends. He spent most of hife life living in solitude, and the man was very sad." Deniel made some weird faces to keep the story alive, and to make the baby laugh and react. "And one day...this man went out from his solitude to see if he could help people in need. That is when he stumbled up on a village. But this was no ordinary village; it was full of werewolves. Raaaa!" Deniel jokingly made a werewolf growl, and the baby laughed and clapped at it. "The man, using his incredible skill and strength, fough off the werewolves. Hiyah! Yaaaah! Heeee-yaw!" Deniel then stood up and made some silly fighting motions, even one with his sword, but he was careful about those. Then he sat back down and continued his story. "And then the man saved all of the villagers from their terrible curse. And with that, they all loved him, and looked up to him. For once...he didn't feel alone. However...all good things come to an end. Despite that, he still feels alone to this day. But...maybe he won't be."

    Deniel looked to see that the baby had already fallen asleep. Somehow, Deniel did what he was told to do...all with a sad story. Somewhat, anyway. Deniel picked the baby up off of the ground and put him back in the cradle. After that, all he had to do was wait a few hours, and eventually the couple returned. They were surprised to see the baby asleep, but a deal was a deal. They gave Deniel his reward, and he was on his way. "Another mission complete for me, I guess."


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