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    Taking care of the spawn of Satan (Job)

    Rexfa Dax Xanar
    Rexfa Dax Xanar

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    Completed Taking care of the spawn of Satan (Job)

    Post by Rexfa Dax Xanar 23rd December 2015, 8:29 pm


    It was early in the morning at the festive town of Magnolia. The people there were buzzing with excitement and having a good time out on this most beautiful day. The sky was light blue with only about three clouds in the sky as the sun peeked out over one of them. Sebastian was walking down the sidewalk wearing his usual clothing, a brown jacket with black on the top left, a long sleeve black shirt underneath with black pants and brown boots. He waved shyly to the bystanders who waved at him when he walked past as he went to go on his next job. The white haired mage could see the mage guild, Fairy Tail from the distance as he walked. As he looked at the guild, it reminded him of someone he has met from that guild a few days ago. "Hmm, I wonder if I should go visit her when I finish my job." he said to himself as he stopped for a moment to think. "I guess I'll see after this job is finished." he said to himself with a small smile on his face as he continued to walk.

    Sebastian was on yet another easy job that wouldn't require any violence. Sebastian was torn. He was both relief and upset that he found himself on another job like this. He was a quiet and kind person, but he did have a secret dark side that thirst for battle, but that's a story for another time. Now, it's time to get on to his job. The job our young red eyed timid mage has taken this time, was to babysit for a couple who were going to a party out of town. Why they requested a neutral guild to do this task is pretty questionable, but hey, this wouldn't be the first time Sebastian did a job that didn't seem to be this guild's style. The independent guild wizard has made it to the small two floor house. The young boy knocked on the door and heard a feminine voice saying that she would be right there. Sebastian waited patiently at the door, twiddling his thumbs as he took a look around. A few minutes later, Sebastian was still waiting, sitting on the porch of the house facing away from the door. He had his hands under his chin as he sighed. "What is taking them so long?" the timid boy said as he started to play with some grass. Finally the door had open, revealing a woman who was wearing a dark red party dress that she was buttoning up. Sebastian kind of has the idea why it was taking so long now, but he didn't want to think much about it. "I'm so sorry! Me and my husband got caught up in some, well you know, things." he said as she giggled nervously. Sebastian blushed a little and bowed quickly. "I-it was no problem, Miss!" he said sort of loud and nervously, trying to forget about what she had just said.

    The white haired mage walked in behind the woman and closed the door behind him. "Honey? Is that the babysitter?" asked a masculine voice coming from the kitchen. The husband then walked out of the kitchen wearing a black formal suit. "Okay. My name is Katy and this is my husband, Charles." the woman said as she pointed to her husband who then shook Sebastian's hand. "Nice to meet you guys." the sinner mage said politely with a smile on his face. The couple smiled at the politeness of the boy. "Oh he's so kind Charles. It makes me feel sorry for him that he is going to have to go through hell." Katy whispered to her husband in which he nodded. Sebastian watched them and tilted his head a little as he overheard the couple in which they looked back to him awkwardly. "Ah, okay then! So since you are here about the job, you should already have the gist of what to do. Our little Kevin is upstairs sleeping in his room. It's the first room as soon as you go upstairs. The baby food is in the kitchen. We will be back later tonight and if he isn't asleep when we get back, then you sadly won't get paid. Okay?" the woman said, waiting for an answer from the boy. "Hm, sounds simple enough. Okay, I got it." the young mage said with a small smile on his face as the husband frowned to himself. "Oh, it's easier said than done." Charles said in a sarcastic type voice which caused Katy to hit him in the chest. "Wh-what do you mean by that?" the mage asked, a little timidly only to be answered back by the couple both saying nothing rather quick and nervously in union before leaving out the door, leaving Sebastian confused.

    Sebastian slowly walked up the stairs to see if little Kevin was alright. The sinner mage walked into the room which was colored blue and filled with a lot of little baby boy things. He walked over to the crib to see that the baby was now awake. He looked so precious in his light blue baby clothes as he looked up to Sebastian with innocent eyes. Sebastian looked back with a softy smile on his face. "Well, aren't you cute?" Sebastian said in a soft voice, trying to poke the baby's cheek only to be welcomed by a huge bite which caused the sinner mage to wince and retract his hand. The baby then began to cry crazily, throwing the toys in his cribs out all over the place. "Ow, ow, this is going to be a long day." Sebastian said with a depressing sigh as the baby continued screaming and pooping his pants.

    Finally I is night and the couple has came home, finding the house upside down. Food was on the walls, the floor scribbled with crayons, something brown floating in the kitchen sink, water spilling out to the floor from the upstairs bathroom and Sebastian covered in vomit and bruises. The young white haired mage was sitting on a couch in the living room, asleep with little Kevin in his arms also asleep peacefully. What transpired here we will never know, but what we could picture is that it must've been like hell on Earthland. The couple wasn't too concerned about the mess. It was the usual to them. They were relieved to see that Kevin was asleep, with no bruises or cuts on his body. "Wow, he actually got Kevin to sleep." Charles said to Katy in a surprised but quiet voice in which Katy nodded. "Indeed. We should hire him more often." Katy said in a delighted voice which quickly caused the sleeping mage to wake up. "W-wait, what?" the boy said nervously as Kevin cuddled up to Sebastian more in his sleep. Oh why can't they just call Fairy Tail?

    Wait a minute. Why didn't they call Fairy Tail? Isn't it this the town's guild!?

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