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    Emotional Mail [Maruko] [Solo Mission]


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    Emotional Mail [Maruko] [Solo Mission] Empty Emotional Mail [Maruko] [Solo Mission]

    Post by Maerko 6th September 2015, 9:23 am

    Maruko had heard rumours of a man requesting the assistance of a Wizard, and they did not even need to be in a guild. Just skilled in the ways of magic, on the far side of Magnolia Town he had showed up to see a rather hip, young looking man just barely into adult hood. "Are you the wizard?" they ask with a pleading, hopeful voice. Quite desperate. Devious thoughts of charging him way more for this task entered his mind when he saw just how desperate they were. Although, he had too much pride to give into such a darkness when he was a member of the redemption guild.

    Not bothering to vocalize anything, he'd just give a subtle nod of his head. A blank, almost eerie stare right through him as he shakily gave him the letter, despite being afraid if this boy would deliver it or not. "There will be a crowd, and guards you see ... Please no matter what." he continues to plead in a sombre tone, one desiring love. By the middle of his sentence he was turned and began walking away from the adult, he was sure to to go straight there. The young wizard had to fight his somewhat fear for crowds to get there. More so, he had to make a plan to get around it even if he had to take his sweet time.

    With a short saunter to the south he arrived to the south where an intense argy-bargy broke out, adding to the ballyhoo. They all seemed to be fighting over the great and powerful 'Shi-Sama', and craved her affection, her voice as a celebrity. Maruko could never understand such a thing, "Fools ..." he grumbles under his breath as he began to motion around the crowd, stopped by a wave of guards. He was dealing with HUGE men in suits, daring to crush any person who tried to step foot into the homey looking building. His face was disgusted with the people who could not leave a poor girl alone ... Even though he was pretty much here to help one of those slobs read their letter.

    Maruko turned the corner, and soon found himself around the back side of the building. He had to hide in an alley way when he heard people coming, and it turned out to be in fact a guard. Trying to blend in with the shadows did not work for the boy, he soon found himself spotted. "Hey you!" the guard shouted, after all Maruko proved to be way to close to the building that the person of interest was being housed in. "Fff..." was all the boy could mutter, stopping himself short of cursing that he got caught. He began picking up speed into the alley way. With a stroke of luck he turned the corner and rushed to the end, finding himself further away. As soon as he was able, he'd turn yet another corner and soon he'd get away from them. "I think he went this way ..!" they yell while going a different direction. A stroke of luck allowed him to continue his mission. He'd begin scaling the nearest latter to get to higher ground on top of the buildings, and knowing his way he'd sneakily jump start exploring. He was not a skilled runner, nor any good at parkour, but he was able to make way for the building with the target in it. He'd drop onto the balcony and made way inside the studio room where he came across a girl undressing, with her shirt pulled up slightly. She dropped it, and began whimpering.

    The sight had a flush on his face followed by an eerie look, he could hardly make eye contact. She began to tear up, but expecting the worst he dashed to cover her mouth from the scream.

    "W-W-Wait. Not here to hurt you. Just a delivery boy .." he says while holding out a letter. He knew it looked really, really, -REALLY- bad. But, this was part of the job, after all. Taking a moment to let her calm down is when she let go. She quickly tore into the letter, and reading. Normally he'd leave to avoid contact with people. Though, this time he was just so damn curious what this was about. She began tearing up, and smiling happily. "I thought he forgot all about me ... Thank you so much, Wizard ..." she murmurs as he heads for the exit. A job well done. Time to collect pay!

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