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    Post by Princess Natsu 20th August 2015, 3:23 am


    Child Of Corenglaw

    She had always thought it was funny. How humans were so capable of changing themselves. Of growing so desperate to the point that if they were to go down in shame, he or she would bring the rest of them down as-well. The emotions of every living thing could've been considered something comparable to sensitivity, yet, she wasn't so sure on that matter. Although the face of behaviour, caused by two particular indiviuals, was the key to twisting the knob of certain traits - at the same time, there was a curiousity, or, a rather, positive feeling, that there would always be evil within everyones heart. That, if the right person did not saunter along, at the right moment, everything would be left in a bloodied mess - nobody left to blame. It would leave families heart broken, and another calamity would be formed with vengeful siblings and parents. Another cause would arise into this pitiful, yet, beautiful world. And another body would be beneath it's grave. It was a consisent cycle in this world, something she had not been used to while in the warmth of her own outer realm. Nobody stirred trouble there. There was very little emotion felt in that place, and she slightly wished their had been, despite her accidental entrance into Earth-land. That despite the beauty of her own world always outshining this one, the emotions of the people that lingered along this world was more powerful, more overwhelming, than she had ever felt before. There was a love that soared higher than the clouds, and a darkness that sprouted in the depths of the ocean. Everything. Every particular detail. Good or bad. Made her barely glad that she had ended up in such a flawed place.

    Or, currently speaking. That she had ended up in this horrible situation of talking somebody out of both killing himself, and his co-workers. Of course, it was no more than a pinch to just get into the place. But, wanting leave only composed a panic of strain threats that hardly made her flinch to the crazed man's voice. She had gotten herself in here, and now there was no way out. People were scattered on the floor, face-down and crying. Some begged for their lives, but the guy with the explosives strapped to his chest only told them to shut up. That he would blow up the upper half of this office with the pressure of his thumb if they didn't stay quiet. Although, who ever stayed quiet? Even after so many tensed conversations, she was the only one who had decided to stay muted after so many minutes. There was really no point in her getting involved when she didn't even know the jist of what was going on. Sure, she had heard from the Knights, that this guy had went crazy ever since he was fired from his job, so one would assume that he was just angry and itching for revenge. Although, Askr seemed to believe there was something more to it. Something that had not been meant to be relieved, she took her time waiting as the co-workers and the man tossed an endless conversation - in the mixture of fear - back and forth across the room like a game of hot-potato. There was a silent hoping that something interesting would be unraveled in this current event. If it didn't. She was really just wasting her precious time with a human who no longer had any humanity. Who had stooped as low as the demons in Hell.

    To her surprise. She percieved some sort of fact in the conversation of the humans. It was utterly easy to seize, and to this, she regarded it as none other than envy. A common emotion felt in this world. A normal one. Although in this case it wouldn't really be considered normal, she gathered herself onto her own two feet, and approached the man again. He noticed her right away. For someone like him, in this situation, it was obvious that he would be jumpy and aware of his surroundings. And that he would immediately holler for her to lay down on the ground and not move. But, she didn't. She wasn't like the other people. Fear did not get to her as easily as it did with others, and as a problem-child of a house-hold of divine beings, she was quite accustomed with disobeying others. "You humans are such fickle beings. One moment, you're happy and the next you're so angry you could kill everything around you." calmly she spoke, her hand gesturing to the co-workers that continued to cry and beg against the floor of the office. "That woman, has a sick mother who is waiting for her in the hospital. That man has a child and a wife who are waiting to greet him at the door." she made this up as she spoke. "Every person in here has a story. Wether it be good, or bad. Are you truly ready to end them all? Even your own?" turning towards the trembling man, he was so appalled by her words, that he couldn't even fathom a sentence, "A man who loved his job. Who worked as hard as he could. The day when he got fired, he was so angry that his anger turned to jealousy to the new man that they hired." she paused, "Even if meant killing his friends, he would get rid of the one person that ruined his life." taking a step forward, the distance between them became slightly closer, "Can you handle that? Can you really handle all that pain? Because, don't think, that even when you're dead it goes away." her gaze was intense. And as the man stared back at her, tears rolling past his eyes, his hand left the radius of the button and he gradually fell to his knees.  

    Mission Complete.


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