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    Completed Mice and Mage | Job | Evelyn Godfray

    Post by Princess Natsu 21st August 2015, 2:07 pm


    Child Of Corenglaw

    This was ridiculous. As a mage of Sabertooth, she expected that the jobs they would get would be something normal for any magic user to deal with. Such as fighting off bandits or saving the woman from the vulcan. Anything that required a hero in action to bravely face even the most deadly of things to save the people around them. But, no. Instead. As one whose magical power had drastically decreased the moment she came into this world - each and every task was like an everyday job for a child. Just enough money to barely pay for food, while the rest, could not even afford a small and run-down apartment. It had been a very long time since she had been here, and she was used to sleeping on the ground - and now a sleeping bag. The comfort of warm flames, and the smell of nature around her, kept her at comfort rather than resting in the city. She was fearless when it came to the darkness of the woods, and although most humans would rather head back home to the oh-so-perfect mattress of their finely lavished bed, she, perfered the thick fabric of her sleeping-bag. It was taken anywhere she went, just slung over her back like the rest of her things. And its light-weight made it easy to both run and battle with. Although there were times she would dream of her old home, and the brilliant palace of marble, there had been both good and bad memories in that room of hers. It was a place where she played with her father, and where he read her stories when she had been but a little girl. It had also been the place of rejection. A room reduced to nothing more than a prison as she found herself locked up in the darkness of that flawlessly structured place, laying on the grand-sized bed with nothing but tears to give her amusement.

    Albeit, that was not the issue. Her memories were vivid, but, that reality no longer layed in this world, and nor, in her mind. What was really the issue was this job. This was the kinda task that one experienced with removing animals would deal with, but instead, she found herself standing at the front-entrance of a couples home, mentally scolding herself for coming to the conclusion that money was the most important. Apparently- they had actually already called in for someone who was well knowledged in the removal of pests, yet, it seemed this fellow had a hard time even if they were just small and totally defenseless mice. The couple said that after a few months he had grown so frustrated by the tiny little creatures, that he threw a fit, and left their house without a word. This led her to believe the the mice were not ordinary, or they had just been pulling pranks on the man so that he would eventually grow to angered by this job, and end up leaving. Although, when she thought about being in their position, she would probably do the same to the man just so that she could continue her life in the cracks and walls of the human's home. But, at the same time, this was not their home. They had not been welcome here, and their consistent tunnels that led towards the source of food, only made the couple that lived here upset, and at the same time stressed. Human food may of been quite a delcacy to the little mice, but, at the same time, it wasn't like the couple could continue eating whatever they wanted. They may of been small and cute, but, they were rodents, and originally they had lived in the most digusting of places. Disease was possible with them.

    So, without any effort at all. She had waited till the couple left the house. Their place was crowded, and not very well furnished, so, she knew that any rodent would've snuck into here in the first place - the option to find a home in the cracks of the walls was a piece of cake. But, when the element lightning came into hand, no creature could dare handle the painful sensation of a shock to the body. She knew this as soon as she layed her hands out against the floor of the house, and let a current of electricty waver across the whole place like some sort of shift of the wind. Immediately, the mice squealed, running out from the cracks to come face to face with the genuine expression of seriousness. Just as they were about to head back into the safety of the walls, she let another wave of electricty come this time, the mice heading straight in the direction of the front-door as they shoved themselves underneath the thing and out into the outside world. A smirk spread out along her lips.

    Mission Complete.


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