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    Mice and Mage!


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    Mice and Mage!  Empty Mice and Mage!

    Post by Lilim on 9th November 2016, 2:14 pm

    Job Info:

    Job: Mice and Mage!
    Rank: Rank D
    Player Requirements: Min of 2 member and max of 5 member, Rank of D or higher, min 150 word per post, min of 5 posts per player.
    Job Requirements: must have at least one rank D mage, don't wreck the house. Remove or kill all the mice within the house.
    Location: Oak Town
    Description: Mice are taking over a lovely couples house. They are crawling throughout the house and around 10 mice a day can be seen scurrying about. They need help in getting rid of them and making sure that they won't return.
    Prize: 500 jewels per member. No reward if the house is damaged.

    It was a beautiful cloudy day in Oak Town, the city of a request I received. A couple's home was nice, cozy, and warm, but then mice invaded their home. Walking on my way to their house, down a small street, I see their home, a one-bedroom house, colored a nice deep blue. Stepping up onto the deck of the house, I knocked on the door, to be ushered into their house insistently. They then explained the situation from their perspective, and let me know that they'll be out of the house, while I work. Good, I thought appreciatively, Lets me work in peace. They then walked out of the door, and left me to my work. Appreciating the silence, I set about my task. Throwing up my bubble of creation, I created many mice traps, with intoxicatingly smelly cheese, and set the traps about the house, in doorways, halls, near the refrigerator, anywhere a mouse might move. While I had my bubble still active, I looked for any holes in the walls, and sealed them. I also took the liberty of fixing items mice had obviously torn and destroyed. Amidst my work, I had the thought, "Where's my partner?" since I realized that I was supposed to be accompanied by a fellow (<-colleague, peer, etc...) from my guild, named Moto.
    Magic Used:

    1.Name: Memory Field

    Rank: D rank

    Type: Multi-Elemental

    Duration: 3 posts

    Cooldown: 5 posts after use

    Description: A bubble of swirling color erupts on the battlefield, around 20 ft in diameter, which allows the castor to create one being of enormous size, or three being of regular size.


    •Infinity- Can create whatever the user desires

    •AoE- sphere with a diameter of 20ft


    •Vampiric - user takes health damage for each turn this spell is active
    10 damage per post

    •Infinity- Can create ANYTHING if the user gets hit. *(I.e. The user loses control, but still takes damage.)

    •Unstable- if the user takes damage by physical means, the user takes one quarter current health damage and loses control of the sphere

    .Limited- can only create thing of a certain size limit, and can only create something from memory*.
    MP: 80%


    Mice and Mage!  Z8lAzQC

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