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    Swimming class


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    Swimming class Empty Swimming class

    Post by Chelvaric 2nd August 2015, 9:14 am

    Pein was walking topless trough mangolia on a Sunday morning. The village was peacefull and even the renowed loud guild of fairy tail was quiet as ever. Everybody was sleeping that morning. Except for his client who was waiting on him at the pool. Well pool was a big word it was more a small pond with a lot of plants on the sides of it. he wondered how hard it will be to teach a little boy to swim. Drowning wouldn’t happen since pein was strong enough to lift a boulder out of the water if needed. He came closer to the place and looked around if he could see anyone waiting for him to be trained. At first sight there was nobody yet that had shown up. pein wondered where they could be. There was a big change of course that they overslept and that he was waiting for nothing. He always hated jobs like this. Why couldn’t those parents just teach the kid to swim themselves. It was annoying that he had to go into the water to. Pein hated water. But ah well he needed some small jobs while he was recovering from his back wound. With his back hurt like this he couldn’t do anything excessive. Wich annoyed him even more. he wanted to go out and slay big monsters. Not sit at home teaching people how to do stuf. First train rune knights and now this. He sighed deep and plunged down while he waited for the kid to appear. The bushes where moving forward and back ward like something was making its way through it. pein prepared himself maybe it was some boar or puma that saw him as a easy prey because he was sleeping. Pein continued to sleep but prepared his fist to break the skull of anyone jumping out of it. but the moment the bushed opened up it wasn’t some animal or monster that came out of the bush but a small child of 1 meter high. He was wearing blue swim trousers a blue swim hat and same diving glasses. He seemed to be kind of scared and was looking from afar to peins robotic arms. Ofcourse the kid would be afraid of his arms. They were quite scary to look at the first time they were being spotted by someone. Pein moved them around a bit and saw how the kids eyes were following them. “now now don’t be scared little man. I just lost my arms in a great battle.”, pein explained to the little guy. “oh so you’re a warior then!”, the boy shouted out enthusiastic when he found some interest in the man. “I am more of a mage but you can call me a warior to. I am from the mage guild sabertooth. Now lets get you swimming. Swimming is fairly easy when you get the hang of it. just bring your arms togheter and push them away again. While you do the same with your legs.”, pein said and then picked the boy up at his swim trousers and bangled him into the water. He motioned to the boy to practice now. His technique was kinda sloppy at first but it became better over time as he was swimming trough the water. The moment pein felt like the kid could swim good enough he let the pants go and let the kid swim for real whitout help. Pein ofcourse looked from the side line if he was swimming good and if nothing bad was happening. But the kid was swmming perfect.it seems the parents didn’t realy had a good swimming technique either if they couldn’t teach this fast learning kid they had either no experience in swimming themselves or they were just very impatient and couldn’t teach at all. Pein sighed and clapped for the boy as he was swimming rounds easy now. “great job. Well I gues this is the end for my teaching. You swim like a dolphin. Make sure to say to your mom they send the money to sabertooth. Have a nice day further young gentleman.”, pein said and he waved good bey as he walked onwards. It was a nice day and his wound was feeling better. A little bit more rest with hikari and his wound would be healed. He coudltn wait to be in her arms again tough. A day without his love is a day not lvied. He tought very poetical. Pein smirked and ran off to the horizon.


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