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    Swimming or Dancing


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    Swimming or Dancing Empty Swimming or Dancing

    Post by Nadarr 11th May 2016, 11:44 pm

    Tex found her self in Magnolia again looking around the city for a house address she had written down on a piece of paper. while she herself didn't live here she had performed here before but this time she wasn't here to sing this time she was here to sing she was here to help a boy learn to swim so he could go fishing. As she approached the house she rung the doorbell and the boy's mom answered. "hello who are you?" she asked tilting her head. "my name is Tex Technol I am with the sleeping forest guild" she said nodding at her The mom's eyes widened like almost everyone else she talked to. "your a celebrity here to teach my son to swim,,," she said in dis belief. Tex simply nodded "yup that's me and yeah i'm here to help him learn if you'll allow me to..." She said smiling. The mom quickly nodded and went to get her son. After a brief moment her son walked over and waved shyly. she smiled "you ready to swim?" she said energetically but the boy simply nodded shyly. Tex extended her hand and grabbed the boys and they started to walk to the pool she had rented out being a celebrity she had a lot of contacts and getting a pool to themselves was no problem plus she didn't want a bunch of guys staring at her as she is trying to teach the boy. As they walked she smiled ."my name is Tex whats yours?" she asked happily. The boy hesitated but answer in one word. "Nick" he said shyly causing Tex to smile. "Okay nick trust me this will be a lot of fun and soon you can go fishing with your dad" She said rubbing his head a little.

    As they got to the pool tex slowly removed her dressed already wearing a blue and yellow stripped two piece swim suit underneath. having come to this job prepared. As the boy got ready she sat at the edge of the pool sitting her feet in the cool crystal blue water then she looked at the boy. "you ready?" she asked. He then sighed shaking his head "no i don't wanna drown..." he said with a fuss but she then sighed "but that's why i'm here to help you..." he then shook his head and puffed his cheecks. clearly this wasn't working and she'd try something else then she had a idea and got out of the water and stood up smiling. "here we will learn like i did" she said clapping "how?" he asked tilting his head. "We ill dance our way there" she giggled. The boy looked skeptical "dancing isn't swimming..." he said sadly but Tex smiled. "oh but they are very simaler both require arm and leg movement and the proper breathing patterns so you don't pass out" She said causing the boy to start to think then shrug. "Just do what I do okay" she said as she raise her arms and kicked out a leg. The boy repeated her movements and then she brought her arms down and when she did she lowered her leg and raised the other and the boy did the same.

    As they did this they went faster and faster and the boy looked like he was having fun with it. But eventually they had to get into the water but the boy looked hesitant still even though he had the movement down. She decided to try something to get him into the water. She then pretended to slip into the water knocking him in lightly as she came up from below the water the boy started thrashing about she simply swam to him in case and sighed "Just swim a little more you can do it" she said. then the boy calmed down a little with her being next to him and started to dance and before he knew it he was swimming. He laughed and looked at Tex "Look look i'm swimming look!" he said swimming around. they then swam around for a while and she then she got out and walked with him home. Then they got home he ran inside "moomy i did it I swam today!" he said as Tex walked behind him. "thank you so much! she smiled handing her the jewels. "it was no problem at all I was happy to do it and Nick rember to dance okay" she giggled as she danced her way out. His mom looked confused but Nick nodded and smiled laughing a little as she left for home tired and happy.

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