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    Swimming Hype

    Janet Cinderfeild
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    Swimming Hype Empty Swimming Hype

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild Tue 19 Jan 2016 - 18:31

    Apollo Arrived at the given Address and smiled a little looking at the house.  teaching someone to swim sounded like an easy enough task.  He then knocked on the door smiling.  A women open the door and gave a smile.  “Ah hello you must be Apollo one moment….Deven Apollo’s here” Then  a young man stood at the door. Apollo smiled at him “Hey Deven my names Apollo ready to go?”  He nodded smiling “yeah let’s go” he said smiling up at Apollo.  Apollo then waved him on and they walked the mother smiling behind them as they walked away from the house.  As they arrived at the pool Apollo smiled looking at him.  He looked really nervous then Apollo patted his shoulder.  “it will be ok let's go ok” the boy nodded then went in to change though Apollo chuckled putting a shield around his suit so it would get wet after all if you are going to teach people to swim you might as well look good while you do it.

    He then saw the boy walk out in a blue pair of swim trunks looking at Apollo nervously.  “y-you won’t let me drown will you Apollo”  he said in a nervous tone Apollo smiled a little.  “of course not”  he nodded looking at him.  then the got in the water and the boy laughed a little since he was still in a suit.  Apollo looked at the boy who froze at the sight of the pool. “what's wrong?”  Apollo asked.  “It’s really deep…” then boy said quietly “I’m scared” he said.  Apollo smiled a little “Alow me to fix that”  he then made a shallower pool using his shields and smiled “better?”  he asked.  the boy nodded smiling at him as he got in the mini pool..  Then Apollo hopped up into his little pool he had made.  “alright let's get started” he smiled at the boy who just splashed around happily.

    He then made a bar out of his shields. “ok now grab the bar and kick your feet ok”  He smiled looking at him.  the boy did as Apollo asked and grabbed the bar and kicked his feet. “There you go good job”  he said as he moved under him helping him hold him up.  The boy smiled like he was having fun then Apollo smiled at him.  “ok now rest your feet on this shield and move your arms like this” he showed the boy how to move his arms and the boy nodded and did what Apollo said smiling.  Apollo kept up with this exercises for a while.  “ok now try both at the same and don’t worry I am here for you”  he says holding him. “o-ok don’t let go…” he says then Apollo noods holding helping him swim a little  As he swam Apollo smiled then when his eyes were closed he let him go so he could swim on his own.  The boy was doing it...he was swimming by himself,  though the boy didn’t realize it yet since he wa in his own world happily swimming.

    Apollo smiled and decided it was time “Hey Deven how you doing?” He said with a grin and deven looked up at Apollo who was a good ten feet away then he smiled. “i’m doing it i’m swimming!” he called with excitement.  Apollo watched him swim and smile,  this was clearly a big  step for Deven and Apollo was happy he could help him achieve this milestone. He spent the rest of the day teaching him other things like how to tread water and then just played with him.  he even made him a small water slide out of shields for him.  Apollo smiled this wasn’t fighting monsters or saving anyone but it was a nice break for once.  At the end of the day he looked at Deven “Ready to go home?”  he smiled  he nodded getting out he sighed looking at him who looked tired from  having so much fun.

    Apollo help Deven out ogf the pool and then smile “here”  he said putting Deven on his back  Deven smiled as they walked.  “thank you Apollo now I can spend time with daddy more…” he said i a drowsy tone.  “Apollo smiles  “Alright catch a big fish for me alright”  he said to Deven who just smiled falling asleep.  He chuckled as they reached the house he gave a knock on the door.  Then the boy’s mother answered.  “oh Apollo your back..” she said smiling” Apollo nodded helping give deven  to her who was smiling.  He nodded “Deven is now a great swimmer so he can go swimming and fishing with his dad”  He smiled at the lady holding Deven.  She just nods “thank you i’m so glad Fairy Tail is in this town. She then gives him his payment and he takes it. “good luck Deven”  he says then leaves returning to his guild smiling and hungry after a long day of swimming.

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