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    The Pen Vs. The Sword!

    Lexa Grimoire
    Lexa Grimoire

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    The Pen Vs. The Sword! Empty The Pen Vs. The Sword!

    Post by Lexa Grimoire 28th July 2015, 6:19 pm

    Job: Deliver My Letter!:

    This Job Picks Up From "The Graceful Bandit Princess"

    Lexa was able to hitch a ride on a traveling caravan after leaving Beanstalk Village, the leader of the caravan saying it's too dangerous for two little girls to be traveling alone on the roads. She didn't feel like telling the man that she was actually older than she looked, doing that might have resulted in losing a free ride. The man said he was heading to magnolia to drop off some wares before heading to Era to pick up some wares to sell in Crocus. Lexa was able to convince him that she and her 'sister' would be no problems to him, and he let her on. After reaching to Magnolia however, the caravan had an issue with the wheel on a couple of their carriages where the fifth wheel, a wheel that allows the four wheels to turn, had snapped completely in half and had to be dragged to magnolia. So while the men of the caravan handled the repairs, Lexa left the sleeping little girl in the carriage and went off to the park to watch the children play, as well as practice her leaf whistle. While doing so, she'd noticed a man who was extremely distressed as he was pacing back and forth while scratching his head, seemingly trying to figure something out. Upon further examination, the man had a piece of paper in his hand that he seemed to be making sure didn't get wrinkled in the least. Lexa walked up to him and addressed the man, asking why he was pacing around so much. The man explained that this girl who he'd been childhood sweet hearts with, and still loved her to the day was coming to town. He added that she was super famous, and that the guard she kept would never let her through. Lexa told him that she was actually very good at sneaking around, and would be more than happy to get the letter to his girlfriend for him. The man bear hugged Lexa and gave her the letter, telling her not to let it get wrinkled in the least, he wanted that letter to be in perfect condition; just like his love for her.

    Lexa moved quickly to the center of town, the best place where a person could find out when cool stuff was happening in town, and even get the scoop on any government rumors. She found that the concert the guy's lady friend was having would be on the far side of town, in the second class district. Lexa made her way there, and saw the woman in broad day light surrounded by a flurry of people. She saw her guard standing on stage, keeping a very close eye on her, but not necessarily watching behind them. Lexa assumed that there was more backstage, but she also noticed there was a set of women going back stage with some really nice dresses. Lexa made her way to one of the ladies, and asked about them. One of the girls were so surprised that one of the lead singer's fan's even noticed them, let alone asked about them that she invited Lexa back stage. Lexa's original plan was to steal the lead singer away following her performance, but this was good too. Lexa followed the woman back stage, wondering exactly how young the older lady thought she was, and got the chance to talk to a lot of people. Some were really stuck up and snobby, others were the polar opposite, being kind and gregarious. Lexa saw the lead singer, her current employer's girlfriend, as she was going on stage and she quickly trotted up to her. The guard didn't pay her any mind since none of the other guards were alarmed by her presence. Lexa pulled the letter and handed it to the girl, who took the letter and began reading it while she walked on stage. It wasn't long before the woman the woman came back in, kneeling down to give Lexa a hug while she held the letter. The woman thanked Lexa with a big smile on her face, and said that she'll be sure to meet her old time friend when the concert was over. Lexa waled away with one thought in her mind, 'That dude just totally got friend zoned...'

    Lexa returned to the caravan to find the group was waiting on her, as the real problem wasn't a broken fifth wheel, but some small rabbit getting caught in the wheel's gears and getting stuck. The animal died before they could get it out, but at least the group was good for travel again. Lexa got in the first caravan and rested the sleeping child's head on her lap, the child adjusting her arms to holding Lexa's legs, causing Lexa to blush from the cute level, and the caravan was on it's way.


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