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    A Letter for his Queen {Job|Solo}




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    A Letter for his Queen {Job|Solo} Empty A Letter for his Queen {Job|Solo}

    Post by Fair 26th July 2015, 1:18 pm

    Once again in Magnolia Town was Tane, ready to help people around. The bus stop was not too crowded that day, the sun being slightly merciful by hiding behind the clouds. It was a beautiful morning. Tane was in a jumpy mood. She would start up a conversation with literally anyone she met in the streets, be it a withering old lady or an energetic kid. She was waiting for the bus when she noticed a man with a sad expression about his face approached the station holding an envelope. Tane wondered what was wrong. She wanted to fix him, transform that sad expression into a smile. Why was he sad anyway? She could not stop herself from asking, “Hello, sir. Is there a problem? Can I help you?” This caused the man to look up to her, not that he was shorter than her. He was actually about two inches taller than her. It was just that his eyes were cast down. He gave her a weak smile. Tane did not know how to respond to that.

    “It's fine. It's just that I really need someone to deliver this letter to my queen.” Tane blinked. His queen? Who was his queen? Humans had their own queens? Or were they all talking about the same queen who was the one married to the king on Fiore's throne? She doubted he would want to answer all of her questions. She remained silent, hoping he would give more details so that she could actually help instead of just listen to his tragedy. Thankfully, he did. Apparently his queen was not actually a queen, but a famous celebrity who was his childhood friend and love interest. She was going to be in town that day, and so the man wanted to give her his letter. He told Tane exactly where she would be and so she offered to help. The man decided to trust her and told her that they would meet back at the bus stop. Tane agreed then sprinted off to the concert location. Tane hurried since the show was about to start. She pushed through the mob of fans, and since she had glowing skin no one really wanted to touch her or keep her in the crowd for long. They probably thought she was dangerous, which was a good thing, sort of, in this case.

    Tane knew where the celebrity girl would be - backstage. The man had told her this and also described what she looked like. The security guards were dumb enough for Tane to outsmart them and enter unnoticed. She saw the girl. She was sitting at a chair in front of a dresser? There was a bag that hung on the backrest of the chair she sat on with her name written on it. Tane walked past behind her and dropped the letter in the bag. As evidence that she actually was backstage, Tane took a small postcard sized image of her with her signature on it. Once that was done, she left the way she came in and returned to the bus stop. She gave him the picture and the man could not stop thanking her. She thought he was going to cry. He fished out as many jewels as he could from his pockets and gave them to Tane as thanks.

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