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    Festive Spectacle (Private/Shard)


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    Festive Spectacle (Private/Shard) - Page 2 Empty Re: Festive Spectacle (Private/Shard)

    Post by Shard 16th August 2015, 3:38 am

    He denied the offer of help. He liked pulling his cart. It made him feel closer to his cooking utensils. Plus it was a good workout and he liked to stay in shape. "Nah i'm good. I like the work." he said with a smile and listened to her talk about the fact she didn't know where she was from. That was kind of sad. Still, perhaps his knowledge of Joya and other areas might help her.

    "Well the people in Joya are born with cat-like traits." Magna replied with a shrug. "Tails, ears and the like, some more than others." He thought about his own guild and a picture of the guild master with her wolf like traits. He hadn't seen wolf traits in Joya. He wondered where the guildmaster had got them from. "Yeah I bet people stare, but they probably aren't just staring because of the tail. Not often you see pretty girls walking past." he added with a wink. He wasn't exactly the flirty type, but he wanted to make the girl feel a bit less self-concious about her tail. He didn't blame people for staring though. It wasn't that often you saw people with animal traits outside of a few areas like Joya and Seven and few people travelled to either. "I wouldn't mind having a tail myself. It would be really useful in the kitchen to have an extra hand as it were."


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    Festive Spectacle (Private/Shard) - Page 2 Empty Re: Festive Spectacle (Private/Shard)

    Post by Mao 16th August 2015, 3:36 pm

    This Joya place sounded more and more fun and a place well worth visiting, not realizing or knowing how “affectionate” or touchy-feely they could be. If she knew that the girl might’ve second guessed the idea of traveling there, but even then it’d be nice to be amongst similar types for once.

    To Mao the comment came out of left field, hair whipping about as her started green eyes zeroed in on him and an uncomfortable warmth spread across her face, ”Wha-?” She caught the wink, the blush only darkening as any ability to use words temporarily fled her body. Dazed from the foreign word he associated with her, Mao couldn’t even tell him of how often she wore hoods or scarves – possibly adding to the stares as people might wonder or imagine her to be some shady figure. “Pretty” likely had nothing to do with it in her mind, but she couldn’t get rid of the curious bubbly sensation the compliment caused even as the blood slowly released its hold on her cheeks. A hand came up to lightly press against the skin, ’A curious reaction though…I wonder what purpose it really serves?’

    ”Hmm...Perhaps something simian based then, given how many of them use them for added security and balance in trees…though given some time one might be able to grasp with a feline tail too. Heaven knows how they can sometimes curl around things.” It brought to mind how affectionate some of them could be, Mao often enjoying when they barreled out of nowhere and seemed to try and drown people in sudden affection even as they begged for head scratches and cheek rubs. ”I suppose reptilian wouldn’t be bad if it could be as mobile as a snake’s body.” A thought occurred and she grinned, staring at Magna out of the corner of her eye, ”Then again there’s always becoming bug-like and gaining extra arms!” To be fair though she wouldn’t want him to become spider-like. It’d be such a shame to constantly try to squash him, let alone trying to use his pans or some nearby furniture to do such.


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