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    Lets get them Bones!!!!


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    Lets get them Bones!!!! Empty Lets get them Bones!!!!

    Post by Wolfe on 4th July 2015, 10:36 pm

    Wolfe was now making his was to his newest job. He really was knocking th out left and right. He hadn't had any time off in a few months now between doing the jobs and the time to get from one job location to the next. However, he was making money, and getting some stuff done for himself in the process. In his last mission he had obtained a book about lacrimas that was packed full of facts and important knowledge. He needed to know about the magic of lacrimas. He needed the facts and statistics, not the normally kiddie stuff you found in most books. This book was the real deal. It was actually a little above his head, to be honest. So Wolfe was having to stop at villages, towns, and cities along the way and brush up on words, and magic concepts to make anything of some of the stuff in the book. However, he hoped that somewhere in the book he might find a lead on what to do about his situation. He needed a long term answer to his issue. He only had a few years at best before he was dead, and he needed an answer now. However, he was letting his mind wander, and he needed to focus so he could get the next job's location and get it done.

    It only took another day to reach the area in the Forgotten Desert where the client was located at. It took a bit to find it but after roaming the area a while Wolfe finally came upon the campsite. It was pretty early in the afternoon when he entered the campsite. It didn't take too long to find the professor who had put out the job. Wolfe found him sitting in the biggest tent looking over some books. As soon as Wolfe walked in the man looked up from the book he had his face buried in the gave Wolfe a look up and down and had a bit of a frown on his face. Wolfe knew he didn't pass as an "intellectual" type based on his looks, but he wasn't and idiot. This just meant he would have to try extra hard to impress the man. The professor then took a second to clear his throat "I assume your the mage answering my job request?" Wolfe shook his head yes and wen to speak but was cut off before he could even get a word out, "Are you sure your up for this? you don't look like someone who is cut out for such delicate work such as this... You read the job right? you didn't just randomly pick one off the board or something right?" said the man.

    Wolfe was taken back a bit to be honest. He had met a lot of people in his travels, but this was a new level for him. This guy was rude, and down right insulting. He almost decided to tell the man to shove it and walk off. However, that was not the right way to go about this. He needed to do this job and prove that he could be professional and follow through no matter what. If he didn't do this job it would look bad on him. Wolfe sucked up his pride and spoke clearly and load as to make sure the man didn't think he had just run Wolfe off with little more then some insults and words. Wolfe regained his composure and spoke "Yes i read the job correctly. You are needing help digging up the remains of an ancient creature you found in a dig site around here. I understand that you need someone that has good hands, careful detail, and patience. I promise i process all three of those traits in abundance. You should at least give me a chance before you judge me. You seem like an educated man to be doing a job like this, and as an educated man you know that the best gems hide in the roughest terrain." Wolfe just smiled at the man. It seemed that he had also knocked the man off his balance by his words. The professor took a second to compose himself before he shifted his glasses a little "You do have a point there young man. I guess i am being rude. I am very sorry. It has been a very rough couple of weeks working out here, but you didn't deserve that. I have been let down in the past with people taking on this job. Let me make it up to you this way. If you impress me, i will be happy to help you with anything as long as it has nothing to do with jewels. Deal?" Wolfe smirked at the last comment, s he knew exactly what he wanted "Ok. and no, i don't want any extra jewels. If i impress you, i know exactly what you can help me with. Hell, to be honest, you might enjoy helping me with it." Wolfe just laughed a little as he walked over to the man and they both shook hands.

    They both talked the rest of the afternoon about the details the professor knew about the creature and about what he thought of his findings so far. Wolfe even changed the subject at one point to gauge his knowledge of magic as a whole, and his feelings and knowledge of magic concepts. Wolfe was actually pretty impressed with his knowledge of magic, and knew he needed to really impress him so he could ask for help with the book he had. Wolfe just listened carefully and took in everything the professor had to say. The evening Wolfe made up his own tent in the area and kept to his normal routine had made in the tie since coming into possession of the book. He laid down in the tent for the majority of the night and read parts of the book and wrote down information and equations till he started to pick up their meanings.

    The next morning Wolfe met up with the professor and he showed Wolfe how to actually dig carefully and dust off what he found. He gave Wolfe all the pointers and training needed to do his job perfectly. Wolfe watched very closely and took everything in, making sure to ask any questions he had. After a few hours he was ready to start. The professor walked Wolfe about 100 yards away to the main area of the dig site and showed Wolf where to start, Wolfe then started in on his job just as he had been shown. Luckily Wolfe was able to use his quick speed, and within almost no time flat he found his first piece. He was very careful as not to mess the piece up. After he was done he looked up to the sky and realized it wasn't long till evening. He gathered himself, his stuff, and the what had found and brought back to the site. When he presented the professor with what he had found. The professor was very surprised at that fact that Wolfe had already found something and dug it up and cleaned it so well. He made sure to let Wolfe know he was very impressed with Wolfe's work already. that evening he made his way back to his tent and did his normal routine before he got a few hours of sleep

    The next morning Wolfe made his way back to the dig site and continued what had been doing the day before. After a while he had made a few more finds and was on a roll. As the time went by he could start to see more and more of the bigger picture. The creature was definitely impressive, but Wolfe didn't know what to make of it as a whole. At the end of every day Wolfe brought back what he could, and kept the professor up to date with each little detail of the digging overall. Each night he would repeat the same thing over and over again before going to sleep. It took more then a few days to uncover all the remains of the creature. Upon returning to the camp that afternoon he brought the professor back to the dig site and went over some of the details of what he had found. The two of the decided that the next day they would move all the remains back to the site and onto something that he could use to get it back to town in one piece.

    The next day they moved the remains and got everything prepped, and shortly after the remains were on their way back to town. The professor had to stay behind and clean his stuff up to head back. Wolfe started helping him clean everything up. That evening the professor reminded Wolfe that he was more then impressed with his work and offered to uphold his end of the bargain. That is when Wolfe explained to him about the book and what he was looking for, and a very simple explanation on why he desired the information. The professor was more then happy to help Wolfe. That evening and for the next few days as they finished up packing up the professors stuff, they went over the book and he explained pretty much everything Wolfe needed to know and a lot more. Wolfe learned so much over those few days it was almost too much to take it in.

    On the final day Wolfe thanked the professor for everything, and the professor did the same. He then paid Wolfe, and as Wolfe went to walk away the professor stopped him. As Wolfe turned around he saw the professor holding something out to him. It was a lacrima. Wolfe looked at it confused, and then the professor explained that it was an ancient lacrima that he had come across during his travels. He had kept it s souvenir but after hearing a little about Wolfe's past and his interest in them, he felt Wolfe should have it. Wolfe thanked him repeatedly, and then after a few more words they parted ways and Wolfe went to make his way towards his next job.

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    Lets get them Bones!!!! Empty Re: Lets get them Bones!!!!

    Post by Hikachu on 4th July 2015, 11:43 pm

    Lets get them Bones!!!! YdROJZD


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