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    Passionate Fires of the Delivery Dragon


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    Passionate Fires of the Delivery Dragon Empty Passionate Fires of the Delivery Dragon

    Post by DragonPantsu 2nd July 2015, 8:08 pm

    Passionate Fires of the Delivery Dragon 153164

    Passionate Fires of the Delivery Dragon 153164

    NOTES !


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    Passionate Fires of the Delivery Dragon CANAAN

    - Haretsa

    Upon finding the Magnolia Town innkeeper’s sister, Haretsa decided to wander around for the rest of the day before heading back to Sabertooth with Tree. While she was roaming about, a loud, gurgling noise from below her gave her a little bit of a scare. Haretsa looked down to see nothing around her at all. “I guess that really WAS my stomach… Damn, I am hungry!” she laughed to herself, looking around for a nearby restaurant of some kind. Luckily enough, she just so happened to stop directly in front of a restaraunt. Without a second thong, the cream haired Slayer rushed through the front door.

    The restaurant was packed to the brim with all kinds of people. Seeing this many people here, Haretsa was beginning to question whether or not coming in here was such a good idea until she was directly approached by one of the waiters. “Excuse me, ma’am. Y-you’re a mage, right? the man asked, looking around rather nervously. Haretsa tilted her head slightly at him; confused as to why in the world he would ask. ”Um, yes, I am. Why, did one of your ovens blow up or something?” she asked. “No, but I really could use your help! You see, the reason so many people are here right now is because Stella Bardell is performing live right now in the South Gate Park. I need you to deliver this letter and package to her. We dated when we were younger before she went out to be a pop star while I stayed here to help my parents. I’d deliver it myself but we’re gonna be swamped for the rest of night and she might be gone by then. I promise I’ll pay you and even pay for whatever you want on the menu! he begged, pulling out a small letter and package from his pocket. Before the man could even extend the items to her, Haretsa grabbed both items and gave the waiter a thumbs up. ”Don’t worry, she’ll get these without a problem!” Haretsa said, giving him a reassuring smile.

     Putting the letter and package in her pocket, Haretsa pushed open the restaurant doors and hauled ass down to the South Gate Park. As she neared the park, she could hear all kinds of shouting and cheering from a massive amount amount of people. She wouldn’t truly understand just how massive the crowd was until she got a visual of the park. There were so many people standing around a empty lit stage in the middle of the park that Haretsa could barely even see a single blade of grass. ”...Huh… I guess I’m not getting backstage the normal way…” she pondered, looking up and noticing that there were quite a number of trees all over the park. The young girl’s face lit up with a smile as a plan hatched in her mind.

      Crouching down a bit, Haretsa lept into the air and onto one of the nearby tree branches. Keeping a steady momentum going, she jumped from branch to branch making her way over to the big tree that hung over the center stage. Once there, she stopped and perched herself on one of the branches to assess the surroundings backstage. From here, Haretsa could clearly see two body guards standing outside of a trailer with the image of a beautiful, brown haired, green eyed woman plastered on the side of it. Haretsa safely assumed that this was clearly Stella’s trailer, the only problem now was getting inside to deliver the goods.

      Making her way down the tree to the side of the stage, Haretsa hatched a quick plan on the spot as she made her way over to the trailer. ”Hold it right there, little lady. Where exactly do you think you’re going?” one of the guards asked, as she continued to approach. ”I guess you would label me under the pyrotechnics department?” she seemed to ask, holding up her index finger and causing a flame to spark to life at the tip. ”Ms. Bardell requested a talented fire mage to help with the Grand Finale light show of tonight’s concert. I just need to talk with her real quick ‘bout the deets before she heads out to the stage.” she explained to the guards. ”Yes, of course! We’ve been expecting your arrival, ma’am! We thought you would have been here much sooner!” the guard exclaimed, shocking Haretsa a bit before she responded. She was surprised they were actually expecting a fire mage to come help with the show; what luck!”Y-yes, I’m deeply sorry! I ran into a few problems on my way here. Better late than never, right?” she laughed nervously, walking up to the guard and handing him Blamo.

      With a nod, the guard knocked on the trailer door. ”Ms. Bardell, the fire mage you requested for the pyrotechnics has arrived! I’m sending her in.” the guard yelled, unlocking the door and allowing Haretsa inside. As the door closed behind her, Haretsa’s eyes met the deep green of Stella’s own. ”Goodness, what kept you? I was beginning to grow worried about you! I’m glad you’re alright.” she said with concern, greeting Haretsa with a relieved smile. ”I appreciate your concern, Ms. Bardell. I’m sorry to have worried you. I need to speak with you ‘bout the dee- er, about the details of the Grand Finale. But first I’ve got something for ya! Haretsa said, pulling out the letter and small package before walking up to Stella and handing them to her. ”These here are from a certain fan of yours… Uh… Crap, I didn’t actually get his name…” she said, as Stella stared at the envelope of the letter. ”T-that handwriting…!” she gasped, taking the letter and package right out of Haretsa’s hands.

      The pop star wasted no time opening the letter and reading through it. Tears began to form in her eyes as she read, before she gasped yet again once she opened the package and pulled out a beautiful diamond ring. She looked to Haretsa with a smile as the tears rolled down her face. ”W-what is your name?” she asked Haretsa, who was somewhat confused as to why Stella was crying with a smile on her face. ”Um… I’m Haretsa Shikon, from Sabertooth...Are… you ok? she asked. Stella simply put the ring on her finger and gave Haretsa a huge hug as a response. “Thank you, Haretsa, for taking the time out of your day to stop and deliver this to me as well as help with my show. Now, come with me!” the girl exclaimed, grabbing Haretsa by the arm and running out of her trailer. All of Stella’s fans and her security simply stood there with confused looks on their faces as their pop idol ran out of the park dragging a cream haired girl with her.

      Moments later, Stella burst through the restaurant doors much to everyone’s surprise. She let go of Haretsa’s arms and ran straight for the waiter that had given the letter and ring to Haretsa. She glomped the poor fool straight to the ground as everyone looked on in confusion. Oh Shin, I thought you had forgotten about our promise… Of course my answer is yes, why wouldn’t I marry you?! she exclaimed, shedding some light on the situation. The entire restaurant erupted into applause as Shin joyfully wrapped his arms around his love. ”I would never have forgotten that promise! I.. would have delivered the ring myself but with you being in town we were so swamped… I didn’t think I’d manage to see you. he sighed in relief as Haretsa stood back up after being dropped. ”So that’s why she was crying, she was happy! I saved someone’s sister and helped a dude get hitched! I love being a part of a guild that helps people.” Haretsa thought to herself, as Shin and his fiance stood up and approached her. ”Thank you so much for delivering my letter. As I promised, anything you want from here is on me! Shin said. ”And don’t forget about the pyro for my show! Stella added, wiping away her tears. ”Free food AND I get to shoot fire everywhere? THIS IS THE BEST. NIGHT. EVAR! Haretsa exclaimed in pure joy. The night then proceeded on as planned, with Stella’s show ending in a spectacular display of controlled flames thanks to Haretsa’s efforts. The fire mage that was originally supposed to help with the pyro simply stood outside the park in tears as he watched; knowing his display wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing as the insane little Fire Dragon’s.


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