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    Fires of Creation


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    Fires of Creation Empty Fires of Creation

    Post by Aura on 16th April 2019, 6:29 am

    Fires of Creation CxY5WTX

    Fires of Creation TzMg8dP
    Fires of Creation
    Fires of Creation JAq9R5c

    Magic Name: Fires of Creation
    Magic Type: Slayer
    Purchase: Mythic VIP || Magic Change
    Description: The Fire of Creation originally wasn’t a magic, but a gift bestowed upon one of the first Gods of Creation. One of many gifts, each representing an element necessary to create everything from nothing; Earth, to create lands, planets and vessels to inhabit them. Water, to create lakes, seas and oceans to sustain them. Wind, to create sound, change and guidance among them. Light, to create visibility, kindness and the good in their hearts, and Darkness, to create opposites, a cloak to cover that which may not be seen, and the evil in one's heart. Yet all could not be without the last element; Fire, to create life, warmth and destruction all at the same time. Fire might have been the most fickle one to bear, and the God of Creation who wielded it was just as his gift, fickle, and even starting to doubt his blessing as time went by, seeing how that which he helped create too showed his shortcomings in their lives.

    Humans. No matter how hard they tried to co-exist, they always ended up bringing destruction to either themselves or those uninvolved in their struggles. And at some point, these humans got cocky. Unlike any other of the Gods’ creations, humanity thrived through their ability to change everything around them, with their smarts and guts. When they reached new heights and started fancying themselves gods, denouncing their true Creators in the process, the Fire God of Creation had enough of it and descended upon the mortals. Akhator, the Fire God of Creation, descended to bring about divine retribution for their sins. He could however not descend in his divine form, and thus created a vessel like the humans, with crimson eyes and dark hair as his attributes, and used it to traverse the world, punishing the heathens with the only punishment the Gods deemed worthy for this betrayal; death. Many fell by his wrath, and humanity came to fear him for his cruelty and unforgivingness. Some gathered armies to stop him, but none who challenged him would live to tell the tale. They say Akhator roamed Earthland for several decades, searched, hunted and slew the defiant ones in every corner of the world and even beyond so they would all learn never to defy the Heavens again. But as time passed he came across a single man, one who did not look at him with hatred, fear or ill intent; a human who merely wished to challenge the god. Having planned on killing the man, after having fought with him and realising a human could hold his own against a God, Akhator allowed him to live, and was surprised to hear the man’s request to follow him from that moment onward.

    Over time Akhator got to know the world he’d created through his creations’ eyes, and as he still went on punishing mortals, even with the help of a mortal at that, his ideals shifted. And with the shifting of his ideals so did more people plea to follow him. To those who followed him and wished to mend their ways the God promised to protect them from all harm, see them fed and clothed as long as they did not stray from his rule. Thus before long Akhator had grown from being an avenger to becoming a shepherd, this to the dismay of the many Gods who’d been following his rampaging. So when Akhator wished to return among them, he was denied this right and banished. The Fire God of Creation, but hurt in his pride and honor, decided to shed his divinity and left his divine vessel to reside within his human vessel, slaying what remained of his godhood to gain the powers that still lingered within. Neither man nor god, he returned to his flock and established a civilization under his rule, Ira Ignis, which thrived even further than before, just as his powers did. The remaining Gods had shown to be in fear of Akhator, who now had become a being that may as well be more powerful than he had ever been in his new vessel; a timeless mortal being that was on par with any of them. Not willing to let a mere mortal live, the Gods sent one of their own to dispose of this -in their eyes- abomination. Ishtar, the Light God of Creation descended; yet not in a way Akhator had done, as he did not wish to lose his immortality and divinity. He bestowed all of his power to a mortal he could control, and waged war with Akhator over and over again, for centuries on end. A feud between the two sprung, and during their final clash both proved equal to one another. Mortally wounding one another in the process. For Ishtar this meant losing a great proportion of his power, whereas for Akhator this meant his divine vessel had been too damaged to retain it.

    Akhator called those closest to him to gather and explained that he could no longer possess this mortal vessel and would perish; the only way to remain alive was to vacate it and become one with the ether until he had recovered enough to reincarnate within a new vessel. And when that time came, they would know when and where to find him again. Every 100 years he would reincarnate, granting his vessel immense powers and a specific appearance; each of these vessels would be connected to a bloodline that had sprouted from either his vessel or that of the man that had become the first human he would trust. And with the dawning of a new sun, so did the start of what would become an endless cycle of reincarnation, one that far outlived the civilization of Ira Ignis, with each magus that wielded his powers having been stronger than the last. And in each cycle he would face the vessel of Ishtar again, to live or die with it. However the last cycle took over 200 years to appear; the last vessel and most powerful vessel was known as Hakaze Kusaribe, and Kenna’s foster mother. She managed to pull Akhator’s connection from her being and forcefully sealed it within Kenna to save the then young girl’s life, with it breaking the cycle of reincarnation for good. Kenna Terrynhain would be the last vessel to hold Akhator’s power, yet by a cruel play of fate would never be able to use it, as she did not stem from the chosen bloodlines. She however did something that none of his vessels had ever managed to do; ascend his his gift of fire to its original state once more.

    In order to ascend to the Fires of Creation, one must possess a magic based upon the element of fire, and must first face a fire god slayer’s essence after having become one with Akhator, overcoming it during the initial clash. The slayer essence must then be absorbed and purified, so its power can be used to fuel the the flames the user carries. In Kenna’s case she awakened when facing Ardere’s remnant essence; the fires purified in both fire and pure darkness, that fought the corruption within her own magic to a point she had to purify herself continuously; having to keep the darkness from consuming her while making sure the slayer essence did not turn against Akhator’s soul essence, which still contained traces of his godhood and thus proved lethal. The continuation allowed her to reawaken to her own soul essence within her Barbardium heart and link it to her magic; resulting in a fusion of the ethereal element of her past and the fire element of the present. Rather than a single Fire of Creation, which had been the gift bestowed upon Akhator when he was still a God of Creation, she had ascended and awakened to multiple ones instead.

    The Fires of Creation are a versatile magic, made of the ethereal and fire elements, they are able to both create and destroy, as it was meant to in the first place. They can breathe life into almost anything, and are capable to both create beings from scratch to summon them to her side, or show her prowess by casting her flames unto the battlefield in both long distance as close-quarter combat. Despite it being a slayer type magic, it proves to be more lethal in combat than most regular fire or even slayer magics. Its ethereal proportions hold the core of many elements, allowing her to adapt to it and consume any and all fire slayer type magics, be they pure or tainted by other magic. However due to these proportions, any type of fire slayer can also feed on her flames as well.


    And be she but Small,
    she is Fierce

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