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    Afternoon Freakout (Riley and Immurtle)


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    Afternoon Freakout (Riley and Immurtle) Empty Afternoon Freakout (Riley and Immurtle)

    Post by Immurtle 18th June 2015, 2:43 am

    Josh jumped off of the cart that brought him into Oak Town, he thanked the cart driver and gave him his money and walked into the town
    Alright, now the job flyer says to meet at a little red café near the markets he thought to himself as he walked around Oak Town, he ducked into a couple of shops that interested him and he even checked out a couple of weapon shops to see if he could get a good price for him to come back to later. Alright, let’s get moving, to the red café by the markets! Josh thought to himself as he ran as fast as he could to the markets. Alright, let’s have a look around for the red café, is that the one right there? Josh though to himself as he walked over to the café to have a look and when he did he recognized a familiar face
    Holy hell, is that Riley? I haven’t seen her in ages! I need to go say hi He thought as he walked into the café
    “Hello there sir, welcome to our fine establishment, would you like to sit inside or outside? Or maybe you’d like to have a look at the menu?” The waitress asked in a polite tone
    “My friend is already here thank you, but I would like to have a menu thank you,” he said as he took a menu from the stand and sat down in front of Riley
    “Hey Riley, long time no see, how’ve you been?” he asked as he sat down, placing his menu on the table

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