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    Afternoon Freakout


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    Afternoon Freakout Empty Afternoon Freakout

    Post by Visa 12th September 2015, 6:13 pm

    Visa sat silently on a bench as she enjoyed the fresh air around her. The air itself was buzzing with the energy of the crowds around her. People passed the girl by, barely glancing at her as they went about their shopping. She would smile softly at the peace given to her despite the crowded surroundings. Visa looked up to the sky and gently tugged on a strand of her hair. The girl was still so new to this whole outside world, but she was getting more and more use to it. Maybe living here wouldn't be so bad... She'd always miss her and Lord's home, but this would be a nice place to live while she tried to get back, right? At least she had the sun now...

    As she was thinking of how peaceful the world outside her home was, the sounds of screams reached her ears. The crowds that had been gently buzzing about as they shopped were now fleeing in various directions. The one direction these crowds had in common, however, was that they were going away from a certain spot deeper into the market. Gulping, Visa stood and moved to run towards the epicenter.

    When she got close, the girl caught sight of a crazed man cackling with a group of men. Visa gulped as she looked at him. What was going on?! Her eyes shifted- trying to figure out what was going on and if she should do something. However, the mages weren't going to stand around idly while she tried to piece everything together. The girl couldn't wait for clarification! They had noticed her by now and some of them were approaching her as they began to chant their spells.

    Visa would pull out one of her keys and held it out to use it. Two large fish like creatures would appear and encircle her protectively as they shouted out “Gyu Gyu!” They would look at the trio of weaker magicians and charge at them. The two fish would take out two of the three mages.



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