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    Afternoon Freakout

    Eliot Malpirg
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    Afternoon Freakout Empty Afternoon Freakout

    Post by Eliot Malpirg 17th October 2015, 10:51 am

    To Blue Pegasus Wizard(s),

        A wizard is losing his mind slowly, but surely in Oak Town. You've arrived on the scene shortly after a mission was hurriedly posted on the board. For the past few days, a Fire Wizard has been heading too the market with his band of wizards and attacking innocent civilians, claiming that they're Demons. It would appear that he's under some form of enchantment or spell that's controlling his mind. He still has his intelligence and still, he and his minions are a huge threat too those around them.

    We also know the individuals are extremely tough and stealth may be required...

    Oak Town Officials

    made by malone at rpgd



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