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    Saving Goddess

    Rosetta Crawford
    Rosetta Crawford

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    Saving Goddess  Empty Saving Goddess

    Post by Rosetta Crawford 10th March 2015, 8:13 am

    Dominae caeli pelagique
    The Saving Goddess.
    Nicknamed: Red Wing by the crew.
    Class: Battleship
    Type: Aerial / Nautical: Very fast
    Size: 222 meters long, 33meters wide,  and about 80 meters high in the crows nest (tall)
    Occupation Limit:  10

    It's magazine holds 60 emergency rounds of cannonfire and an Iron Lacrima capable of creating new cannonballs out of thin air,   with a powder lacrima that generates gunpowder pellets.
    It's stockpile holds reserves for 2 weeks on it's own,   with a summoning lacrima that can summon chickens,  pigs,  cows,  or fish so long as they are near land in general.   The summon conjures the animals up from wherever their natural habitats may be so long as they exist within 30 miles of the ship.   The lacrima automatically summons animals when it needs to.  In the summoning process the animal is slain and prepared,  then stored away in room full if ice lacrimas that deep-freeze them to last.   Similar summoning lacrimas in the kitchen take from this storage and in the process refresh them from their frozen state.
    A nature lacrima that generates fruits and vegetables and distributes them throughout the proper storage areas on the ship,  while a similar lacrima takes from the storage and gives to the kitchen.  
    A water lacrima that generates pure drink water by taking from the ocean and purifying it for storage while similar lacrimas around water-using stations around the ship take from the storage in kind,  with small sub-lacrimas that can be access to make it generate other beverages.  
    This water lacrima automatically generates water towards the water stores whenever water is used,  meanwhile any used water is drained from the ship as water vapor.
    The ship is powered by fire and wind lacrimas,  but has reserves of coal to be used instead when needed.  This provides propulsion and heating.   Spark lacrimas generate a sort of old fashion electricity power throughout the ship,  which provides lighting and other conveniences.
    The medical bay is equipped with purification lacrimas at the door that auto-cleanse those that pass that pass through it of toxins and infections,  which means that wounds are already cleaned and ready to be taken care of.   
    It has a full stock of medicinal herbs and a small nature lacrima capable of actually growing more to replenish stocks,  by summoning seeds from land and storing them away in a compressed state and revitalizing and instantly inducing growth when needed (this also means that fancy rare herbs will require actual travel to obtain before you have seeds for it.   It has a fully equipped room for surgeries,  and the best support equipment money can buy.    Or steal,  as the case may be.   The Medical bay is capable of supporting 10 patients at once for long-term care.  That is,  there are 10 life support systems and arcane monitors with 10 accompanying beds.  Not including the dedicated surgery table.
    Red Wing has a dungeon quarters capable of holding sixty or so people,  assuming you pack them into the large-ish cages.  Otherwise there are six large cages.   They are sanitary,  but there is no privacy to be had here.
    The crew bedchambers,  of which there are six such rooms,  hold many bunk beds set where they can fit.   There are many more beds than usually used.  There are five hundred small bunks in total.    Most are folded out of the way,  and the areas are opened for more space for the smaller crew.    
    The bedchambers are connected to a single larger room lined with showers.   The dominance of women here mean that the showers are off limits for men from the hours of 6 AM to 8 AM,  then the only time the showers are off limits to women is at 9 AM to 10 AM, and 5 AM to 6 AM.
    The dinning hall connected to the large-ish kitchens can hold 50 at once,  but most take their food to the top deck to eat.
    Long cannon rooms line the sides of the ship where 15 cannons are lined up.  Two cannons at the end of these halls (each) are raised higher than the others.   These two rooms bend around the front and back of the ship,  taking up the majority of the level but leaving the center open for other things.   Feeding chutes send cannonballs and powder from the Magazine to the cannons.   There are also two cannons on the front of the ship, and two cannons in the back of the ship.
    It has a cargo bay for general storage and transported goods,   with an additional space large enough for other things to be transported.  It's a fairly big room,   and can be accessed in two main ways,   one in which the ship shifts in order to create a large tunnel from the cargo up to the top deck,   walls folding and diverting,  floors swinging,  ect.   The other is from the back of the ship where a large bay can drop open from behind.   There are then several personal exits as well.
    This cargo bay has a rotating dial on one wall near the main doors where you can insert a command to toggle the cargo bay into a Treasure Room,  where the main treasure is stored (Captain only),  or a Hangar.  In the Hangar,  any crew member who has a sufficiently sized Personal Craft can store it in here and take off through the rear or forward exits.



    Default Cannon.
    The default cannon as mentioned in the first post that all ships have.
    The default cannon can be fired once every two posts and deals the captain's rank as damage.   300 meter range.
    In the Saving Goddess's case,  this is it's main cannon and it opens up from the front of the ship,  underneath the two mundane cannons. 

    The ship is equipped with 15 standard/mundane cannons along it's port and starboard sides,   with an additional 2 in the front and 2 in the back facing forwards and backwards, respectively.  
    These cannons are simple stereotypical cannons that fire normal cannonballs at a range of about 500 meters.  However,  they are projectiles and effected by gravity, there is no telling how far they may fall to the depths of the ocean (or down out of the sky ruining some guys day).
    All these cannons can be extended outwards and aimed down,  for a sort of aerial bombing.  Without the bombs (as they're just basic cannon balls.  I don't think I'd be able to get away with using Shells instead (Shells being hallowed cannon balls with explosives inside)).
    The cannonballs fire at about 900 m/s,   and can be reloaded in about 3 seconds.
    A slot is opened in the base of the cannon where the cannonball is inserted,  while a second slot below that is opened for the powder to be added.  The slots are closed and a switch is flicked igniting a small spark lacrima.    
    In areas where lacrimas do not function,  the reloading time is lowered to 5 seconds as it must be manually ignited,   meanwhile other crewmembers will have to bring ammo and cannonballs from the magazine by hand which can leave the cannon without ammo for lengths of time when they run out.
    One cannon is capable of destroying a 3ft thick brick wall with ease.    It is a bludgeoning damage dealt by a heavy lead ball the size of your head slamming into you.
    The cannons aren't static, meaning they aren't immobile and can be aimed rather fluidly.  
    The cannons can be used to fire explosive lacrima purchased from the shop,  in which case the cannons have the power of a cannon ball + the explosion of the lacrima.

    Great Harpoon.
    The ship is equipped with a single large harpoon cannon capable of firing an anchored very large harpoon out at a speed of 1,200m/s dealing significant penetrating damage capable of penetrating 5 feet of steel plating,  with it's barbed and very durable head remaining impaled allowing for a very secure line to keep connected.  
    This line can extend out three ship lengths away from itself,  meaning at around 650 meters away.
    The line is very tough,   and it'd require an S-rank attack to break the cable.    Otherwise,  the Harpoon anchors the ship to it's target.  From then on the ship moves at at least the same speed as the impaled target.
    A new Great Harpoon can be regenerated when lost in time for the next topic.


    Blackwood material:
    The ship is made of a very durable form of wood that is created by exposing petrified wood to extreme heat and pressure mixed with ground fire lacrima.   The result is a blackened wood substance that can't be burnt, doesn't get wet,  and is incredibly light while being extraordinarily strong.  
    The wood is treated with in individual planks,  and then assembled like a puzzle.  The empty ship is then treated to a bath of firesalts- ground fire lacrima mixed with some bonding agents - to give the whole thing a scrub down where the solution bonds with the wood.  In the process,  the individual wood planks are bonded to one another sealing the deal.
    The ship is considered to be the same rank as it's captain in terms of taking damage.  But also is considered to be protected with Legendary+ armor,  resisting B-rank damage (A-rank Fire damage,  and damage Wood is strong against).   But damage is factored in a case by case basis,  not as a whole (Meaning blowing an engine isn't going to magically blow up the whole ship).   

    Distortion Field:
    The ship has a distortion field around it that causes small projectiles the size of a beach ball or less to be thwarted at a 90 degree angle,  causing the incoming projectiles to fly away.
    The effect scatters flames, snow, sand, and water or similar sort of effects as well,  but it only halves the effect and causes it to disperse over a wider area,   for example an incoming jet of water will be turned into a wide mist that covers the deck.
    Has no effect on large projectiles bigger than a beach ball,   or larger projections such as a big ball of fire,  a wave instead of a ball of water,  ect.   It only distorts for a second,  like a sudden bubble of space,  then disappears.  One bubble is made per effect,  and they only last so long.  So a big beam will only have the first little bit distorted then the rest continues on normally.

    The ship has a series of raw summon lacrima that allow it to steal items from the surrounding area.   It is capable of smartly locating and stealing things right from under people's noses by summoning the objects from the ground or other ships.   
    For this to work,  the lacrima has to be able to scan the ship or building.  To do so,  the ship has to be within 1,000 meters (Ship to ship distances, yo) and it passively scans for valuables including food,  water,  and traditional values such as art,  silks,  jewelery, and coin.
    Scanning a ship or building takes 5 in-combat (Encounter.  Actual "combat" need not be present) posts,  or about 5 minutes in social posts.   Once scanning is complete,  a command console by the captain's wheel details the available loot and she can decide what items to take.   The taken items appear in the cargo bay.
    The Pirate Field is capable of stealing people who don't have a strong attachment to their current location.  Meaning slaves or servants who do NOT want to be on that ship can be taken.   
    Items in the direct possession of a person, mages in particular, can't easily be taken and it's prone to failure.  (Player items can't be taken unless they agree to it,  usually for plot reasons or as something to do in the topic).
    If the captain already knows what is on the ship,  she can attempt a "blind grab" from within range in which case she rolls attack dice to see if it is successful.   Rules for direct possessions apply to blind grabs.    If the target is a person, the person gets a roll to resist.   Meanwhile if the person WANTS to be taken,  they can choose to let themselves go,  meeting the magic halfway and negating the need to roll.


    Most of these aren't actual abilities so much as me describing means of propulsion and what not.

    Wind-lacrima powered jets that take in air from one side of the ship and fuel it to the other,  stealing oxygen from it as it does so and propelling what's left out the other side at high velocities to boost speed by 100 mph.

    Fueled by the extracted oxygen,  the Lowjets use fire lacrimas to ignite oxygen and use it as propulsion to add another 100mph.

    Fueled by the heat generated from the processes of the other jets as well as a series of furnaces,  these Liftjets provide vertical movement at up to 100mph,  which allows the ship to fly and hover with ease.

    All jets can switch to a huge network of clockwork within the ship powered by coal and natural wind to instead become Propeller versions of what they do.  The propeller versions are 1/4th as effective (100 = 25).   Propeller versions are not magical in nature.
    Propellers function in the air as well,   but are usually used for when on the water where the jets don't function so well.

    Full Stop.
    The ship is capable of sudden reversals and stops,  with sudden spikes of air resistance and flipping propulsions it's capable to immediately stop itself if needed and/or reverse it's direction.
    This is primarily used in conjunction with the Great Harpoon to stop a target (Otherwise they'd just drag the ship with them in many cases).

    Boarding Shot.
    The ship is capable of shooting smaller harpoons from it's sides that are used by crew members to climb from ship to ship.   They can easily be disconnected and regenerated over time for the next encounter,  rather than trying to retrieve them.  
    A simple long plank of wood can be used instead on occasion.  
    Some crewmembers prefer to swing to the other ship from the sails.

    These beautifully crafted sails take wind easily.   They are crafted by wind-elementals to specially allow wind to pass through the sail with no effect from one direction,  while collecting wind at the other (Even the wind that passed through the other side) to push against it.    Skysails add the wind's mph to the ships mph.   They can be switched to make both sides let air pass through it,  so you never have to roll them up except when they're in danger.

    All the sky sails are capable of snapping together in an emergency to become a singular great parachute.   They can then snap back to place.  This uses a system of magnets and thin cables,  not magic.

    These beautifully crated oars function much the same as the skysails,  but they collect air and wind as they are in the upwards arc of their row,  and release it in the downwards arc.
    There are three settings:   Forced Speed:   Adds 150mph to the ship.    Steady Speed:  Adds 60mph to the ship.    and Casual speed:  Adds 25mph to the ship.  Then of course there is the resting setting in which the oars are withdrawn into the ship.

    Highly resistant cables that can be attached to a harness and a crewmember can dive off the side of the ship with the cable functioning as a bungee cord without magic,  or with magic simply lowering the speed intelligently in time with the ground to provide a very fast downward descent and an easy landing.    From the harness it can be activated to snap the cable back with a similar mechanic to retrieve them.
    Droplines can be fired down to the ground where they can make an attempt to grab a person,  auto-harnessing them and carrying them away.  Doing so is considered to be an attack against unwilling people and they can dodge or resist it just fine.  
    Droplines can be attached to hooks or nets instead for other sorts of retrievals.

    A system of pilers throughout the ship that form one large machine.   The Realmshreadders rip at the walls of space in order to tear openings through dimensions and protects against inter-dimensional collapse.  This allows Red Wing to safely travel between worlds.
    It takes 10 posts to open the rift,   with the ship traveling as fast as it can.
    The rift closes immediately after it passes through,  preventing any nasties from following (and preventing exploit).
    Instead of traveling through dimensions,  it can simply cut through to a different section of space allowing the ship to travel between places in Fiore.  This is easier and only takes five posts,  while moving within 1,000 meters (Relatively short for ship to ship interactions) can be done within a post,  while moving only about two ships length can be done in a moment.
    In either case,  Realmshreadders create a lot of heat and use up a lot of energy.  They have to go on cooldown for 3 posts (Ship's length) 6 posts (within 1,000),   12 posts (Fiore) or 20 posts (Realm).  This cooldown persists throughout multiple topics,  but on an individual basis (Each distance category).   

    Saving Goddess  3nloOpD
    Link as well,  since this forum itself is pretty retarded at handling large images.
    The ship in the image is NOT to scale exactly.   That's just how the ship looks,  meanwhile it's actual scale is many times scaled up from that.  It is in deed a full sized battleship.


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