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    Saving Grace

    Lucia Winchester
    Lucia Winchester

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    Saving Grace Empty Saving Grace

    Post by Lucia Winchester 29th December 2020, 11:50 pm

    Name: Saving Grace
    Grade: Weak
    Type: Item
    Proof of Acquisition: December Items of the Month: Request (Page 1, Post Number 21), Approval (Page 1, Post Number 22)
    Find somewhere you want to return to quickly, but it took forever to get there and you need to leave to get food or heal or use the bathroom or something? This highly ornate and handy item will be your saving grace! Just place the golden spike into any flat surface you wish and it blossoms into a floating, glowing dongle over a magical base. Just think of the place you left it and POOF! you’ll be standing there once more.

    If you buy one now, you get a smaller beacon that you can plant at the place you’re returning to, so you can teleport back and forth between the two no matter the distance! Convenient, right?

    Saving Grace QL26qc9


    Name: Reload
    Description: By setting up Saving Grace outside of whatever cave, dungeon, friend’s house, town, etc. you please, you may return there whenever you wish without all the effort. Using the free smaller beacon, you can place it somewhere like a home base or wherever you might need to go to replenish supplies before adventuring more, so you can quickly pop between the points and get twice the exploring done! You can easily pick up where you left off [The user must have OOC permission to use this ability on a player character, a player-owned NPC, or an Event NPC].

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    Saving Grace Empty Re: Saving Grace

    Post by Saraphina 21st January 2021, 10:39 pm


    Saving Grace B8wCyY5


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