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    Finding a book? (Decayuss)


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    Finding a book? (Decayuss) Empty Finding a book? (Decayuss)

    Post by Decayuss on 8th February 2015, 10:40 pm

    Job Information:
    Job: Find This Book!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Single or team. 2 D rank mage max for team. 10 post minimum and 170 words per post.
    Job Requirements:- Go to the Library and find the book
    - Do not destroy anything, especially books
    - Do not harm anyone
    - Retrieve the book and borrow it from the library before giving it to the old lady
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description: "There is an old lady who enjoys reading a lot when she was younger who wanted to read a certain book that is used to be her favourite. Too bad the book is out of print and it is not being sold anymore. The only place that the book could be found is in a library but she is too old to go out on her own. She would ask help but most of the people she knew are too busy. So the old lady decides to make this a request for anyone willing to help her find this book in the library.”

    - You can make up the name of the book as long as it is not common and a rare book
    - The library that has the book would be in trouble
    - The library was pranked by some kids who decided to rearrange the books in the library so that it would be hard to find anything.
    - The book is somewhere in the library and it is hard to find it
    - If the book is about to be found, some of the kids would be there to grab it and run off with it.
    - The kid is just having fun and would give the book if they are scolded.

    Enemies: None
    Reward: 750 Jewels each

    Deniel just got back from the job in which he dragged out a giant bone for the professor. The professor had already dug it up, so it was simply up to Deniel to take it out. Deniel was rather curious as to how the professor got so far on the dig site. There was no way that man could do everything that happened alone. He had to have gotten help elsewhere. But it was a whatever to Deneil. Since he wasn't in the best of moods regarding the professor. For some reason, that prick thought he could judge Deniel and tell him what to do and what not to do. "HAH! HE DOESN'T KNOW A GODDAMN THING ABOUT ME! NO ONE DOES! NOT HIM! NOT ALYIA! NOT ZENO! NOT KYLL! NOT VERGIL! NO ONE! WHY IS EVERYONE AROUND ME SO STUPID! ERRGHHH! IT MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL! MY GODDAMN SKIN CRAWL!" Deniel paced back and fourth in his room. And he even started to punch some of his walls out of his anger and frustraion. All while Nidhogg watched, unnoticed. Nidhogg was hoping Deniel would be a little bit better when he got back, but instead, he was worse. Not only was he still completely unstable and insane, his anger got a mix into it, too. If something wasn't done fast, Deniel might end up doing something crazy. Crazier...than he's already done. Which would be pretty damn crazy was Nidhogg's point! Deniel went over to the stash of jobs that he had on his bed, once again completely ignoring his sword. He shuffled and went through the pile, trying to find something. Something! Anything at all! Deniel once again found a lame D rank job. The only thing different was that he didn't do this one before. He took it out from the pile and started to scan it through his eyes. He wasn't entirely sure if it was a wise idea to take this job, since he might get annoyed, but at this rate, he would do absolutely anything to get even the slightest bit of thrill inside of him. He was getting intoxicated by it. He was addicted to it. As sill yof a thing as it seemed, Deniel was addicated to the feeling a person gets when they are facing danger. Their heart racing. Butterflies in their stomach. Their mind racing. Even their hands and legs can become shaky. Deniel never experienced the shaky thing, but he did experience the rise in his pulse. Not to mention after he had his thrill, he felt much more relaxed. And during it, he loved the feeling of him being tense.

    Deniel figured finding a book wouldn't be that diffiuclt. And maybe it could simply kill some time. He was even more desperate now, and it was a bad thing, too. Any moment now, if a person said the wrong thing, or something happened to keep him from getting the thrill that he loved and wanted to receive, he could just explode. Shaking his head and running out of his room, Deniel activated his White Angel Take Over once more. It said that it was in Peace Village, Good! That wasn't far from here. Deniel could get there, find the book, and get back before anyone could know it. This was going to be a quick and easy job. Hopefully some quick and easy thrill for himself, too. It didn't take long for Deniel to reach the village, even with the unstable flying that he has. In fact, it got even more unstable than it did before. He landed just a couple of hundred feet away from the village, so no one would see him in his Angel Form, and de-activated his Take Over. After that, he pretty much ran to the village. The very first person he ran in to, he almost yelled at him, "The library, where is it!?" The person backed away from Deniel a couple of paces, but pointed him in the right direction, anyway. Deniel gave a nod at the person, and ran towards the direction the person pointed out to him. It wasn't hard to find the library, since there was a building clearly labled "library".

    As hard as it was, Deniel needed to make sure that he stayed quiet. As quiet as he possibly could. Or else he would get kicked out, and never be able to complete the job. Deniel took a deep breath to try and calm himself down. "M-Maybe I should just ki--" Deniel stopped himself before hecame up with that idea. Kill innocents just for a job? For the first time since his emotional breakdown and his addition rise, Deniel began to think. He looked at hismelf like the professor said, and didn't like what he saw. He couldn't believe the way he was behaving. How he ignored Nidhogg. How he yelled at the professor. Beating up his room, and the way he's treated his body. "Oh...God...what am I doing to myself!?" Deniel looked back up at the library and the job description he had. He needed to complete that first, then he'll focus on himself. Walking inside of the library, calm once more, Deniel went over to the check-out desk and leaned in a little close so he could whisper. He also held up the description and pointed at the book's title. "Miss, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find this book, would you?" The librarian pulled her glasses down and looked at the name. She then looked at Deniel and gave a nod. "Right over there, sir. Everything is alphabetized by author, so you should find it easily." Deniel backed off and gave a wink at her. "Thanks, darlin'." She gave a small blush, but tried her best to ignore Deniel's remark. He walked to the section that she pointed out, and started to search through the books by their author's name. The only thing he found, though...were things completely different. There were ones that started with A, others with F, some with C, and there was even one with Z. Deniel frowned and through it was just a few books, until he searched through a majority of them.

    Deniel found out that the books were completely re-arranged. Out of order. He put the current book he was holding back where he found it. There was no way the librarian would do this, since it was HER library, after all. It had to have been someone who would gain some fun out of this. From the corner of his eye, as he thought, Deniel saw a little boy. He was peaking out from the corner of the section he was in, holding a book. Deniel wasn't an idiot, so he could easily put two and two together and figure out what book that was. Deniel turned to where the kid was, and found that he had already run off. He heard a child's laughter, and Deniel rolled his eyes. So...this little kid just wanted to play a game. Deniel wasn't really in the mood for games. He just wanted to get this job done and over with, so he could go back to Nidhogg and apologize. After that, he needed to figure out what the Hell he was going to do with himself. The kid in the library snuck around all over the place, and whenever he saw Deniel, he would turn tail and run. Deniel's frown got worse, so he decided enough was enough. He hid behind a corner, and when the kid came running by, Deniel held out his arm and caught him right in there. "Woah! Where do you think you're going, you little prick?" The kid struggled and jerked himself around, but he was no where near a match for Deniel. Deniel got down to his knees and held the kid right in front of him on his shoulders. He looked straight into his eyes, putting almost a state of complete fear into him. Deniel almost smirked, and looked down at the book he was holding. "Alright, kid. I'll make you a deal. Give me that book, and I'll let you go and forget about this whole thing. Got it?" Given the situation he was in, the boy had no choice but to accept. He handed the book to Deniel, who let him go.

    The kid went running off out of the library, and Deniel had sucessfully retrieved the book. He walked over to the check-out counter, and handed it to the librarian. "There we are. By the way, darlin', you might want to check on the books. Some kid decided to mess them up." The woman nodded and opened the book, giving it a stamp to show that it's been checked out. "Alright. I'll get on it right away. Thank you for informing me sir, and have a wonderful day." Deniel picked up the book and gave one last wink at the librarian. "Thanks, darlin'." Shortly after Deniel exited the library, he found the home of the old woman. He quickly gave her the book, and claimed his reward. After that, he used his White Angel Take Over to give himself a smooth strip back to Eclipse Soul. He was no longer anxious or jittery. So that made sure he wouldn't go off in random loops, or jerk himself around in his flight. He was calm, and collective. And the thoughts he were collecting were negative ones, but nothing like the ones that he had just under ten minutes ago. He couldn't believe in the state he was in looking back at it. Just what the Hell had gotten into him? And his figure, that was even worse. He was even more scrawny now! As if that was possible! His skin was pale, and overall, he felt like he was starving. And very sleepy, too. Deniel didn't know what got into him from yesterday, but it was enough to make him want to nearly kill himself. He sighed as he entered his room, and saw his sword leaning up against his bed.

    "Nidhogg. I'm sorry for all I've done. I'm...I'm back to normal for now. I guess. I'm sorry."


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