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    Clyde's Intro (Open/Nightken)

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    Clyde's Intro (Open/Nightken) Empty Clyde's Intro (Open/Nightken)

    Post by Twinkle Toes on 3rd February 2015, 6:35 pm

    Clyde walked up to the guild hall with his robe shadowing over his face making him hard to recognize. He was slightly well known as the person to leave Savage Skull and come out unscratched. He had even done it to Harrigan's face. He smirked and could feel the butterflies in his stomach thinking about all of this. If they knew he was from Savage Skull would he still be able to join? Will they possible be ready for the dark evil that haunts his very essence? He walked with confidence. After all, what could possibly go wrong with a madman joining a legal guild. He laughed slightly then looked around in the guild hall.
    "Hi guys. I am a new member of your guild. I only ask of you to forgive me for anything that has happened in the future."
    He gulped hard and looked around.


    Clyde's Intro (Open/Nightken) Signature_zps12evg2bc
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