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    Clyde's Storage

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    Clyde's Storage Empty Clyde's Storage

    Post by Twinkle Toes 8th November 2014, 11:26 pm

    Clyde's Bank


    Approved Items:

    Explosives Clyde's Storage Bob-omb_(MKWii)

    Bladed Weapons Clyde's Storage Swords

    Blunt Weapons Clyde's Storage Sledgehammer1

    Ranged Weapons Clyde's Storage Futuristic_sniper_rifle_by_bijuumaker4-d58fe7x

    Speed Enhancers Clyde's Storage Hermes

    Robes Clyde's Storage Assassin_oc_by_originalcreed-d48mdk2

    Other Clyde's Storage 1207_WVrich

    Approved Pet(s):

    Exp~ 237.5

    Finished Missions:

    C Rank:

    C-Rank: Link Here ~ Strange Vulcans (Part One) ~ Exp: 50 + 25 (For Teammate)
    C-Rank: Link Here ~ Get Rid Of The Pesky Blockade ~ Exp: 50
    C-Rank: Link Here ~ Raid The Farmlands! ~ Exp: 50

    D Rank:

    D-Rank: Link Here ~ Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe ~ Exp: 25
    D-Rank: Link Here ~ Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe ~ Exp: 25 + 12.5 (For Teammate)

    (You may put any non-mission thread or any already redeemed missions here!)


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