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    Fire and Electricity are totally valid ways to break a statue right?

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    Fire and Electricity are totally valid ways to break a statue right? Empty Fire and Electricity are totally valid ways to break a statue right?

    Post by Kirahunter on 29th December 2014, 9:43 am

    Job Title: They Move...When You Don't Look.
    Rank: SS
    Player Requirements: Requires at least one S-rank member, 4 members maximum, 2 minimum. A ranks can go one the job, but only together with an S-rank. Anyone lower than A-rank may not go on the job.
    Job Requirements: 400 words per post and 60 posts minimum.
    Job Location: House Of Lost Souls
    Job Description: There have been rumors going around of a house, in the cursed lands, that is just filled with statues. They never seem to move, but they do. As people have observed the building, they have noticed the statues located at different locations form where they were previously. But, anyone that has entered, hasn't returned. It's strange, as there haven't been any sounds made from the building, not cries for help or nothing. And as people have looked through the windows of the house, no blood, no remains, no nothing has been found. It feels like they have all just vanished.

    Now, your job. A group of people, who have lost people to the building are asking for help from mage guilds, both legal and dark, to enter the house and try to retrieve the people or to at least find out what happened to them and to stop the entity or entities behind it. This is a dangerous task, as no one knows what kind of creatures are located in this building or even what they look like. All that is known, is that there are statues in the house and a lot of them. Almost all the rooms that can be looked into, have multiple statues in them, ranging from size. This is a job, that is suggested only the best or the bravest go on.

    When you first enter the building, you notice a small piece of paper on the ground that has these words written on it: '' Don't even blink, blink and your dead. '' This messages was probably left by a previous victim. After you enter, the door closes behind you and locks with a magical seal, that can't be broken.

    Clarification on the creatures: The beings within this building are statues, that can move and attack you, but only when you aren't looking at them. When you do look at them, they appear as regular stone statues. When these creatures touch you, not like the regular victims, you won't be teleported away, instead the deal according damage to your mind. They deal no physical damage, but they can grab you. Just a touch from these statues, does damage according to what level of monster they are. Weak do 5%, normal do 10% and strong do 15%. If you are to get knocked out, you will be teleported away and the only way to save you, is to defeat the boss. The job is completed, when the boss goes down. If the boss dies, all the other statues will die along with it. Although, as long as the boss lives, all the statues have the ability to rebuild themselves. This means, that they will just keep adding up, every roll that is made will stack more monsters to defend against.


    Weak:Statue of a Cupid. (x5)

    It is basically a small statue, resembling a human baby, only with tiny wings. It is not capable of flight. They are usually the most mobile of all the statues, quickly moving on all fours or just on their legs. They make sounds of a small child laughing or crying, depending on their situation. Like all other statues, they can't move when you look at them, but will move incredibly fast, if you even blink. The Cupids will go down in 1 A-rank hit, but will rebuild themselves after 2 posts.

    Normal:Statue of a Weeping Angel (x3)

    It is a statue of an angel, weeping. It has it's face covered when you first see them and they won't move. But, as you walk past and don't keep your eye on them, they will move, not as fast as the cupids, but fast enough to easily catch you. They make no sounds. They are, well gray colored, have wings on their back, but not capable of flight and they also posses claws and sharp teeth. Which are mostly used to scare people and not to fight. They take 3 A-rank hits to down, but will rebuild themselves after 5 posts.

    Strong:Statue of a Mage (x1)

    It appears to be a statue of a famous mage and seemingly looks identical. Some look very old and are of mages who have died ages ago, but some are of this era's most famous mages, both legal and dark. So, it would be surprising, to find a statue of your guild master in this house. Although ,they may look like them, they have none of their powers, it is just a disguise. They still use the same tactics as the other statues, but just have more strength, able to walk through walls, if needed or easily knock down doors. They take 5 A-rank hits to down and rebuild themselves after 6 posts.

    Boss:Gigantic Statue

    This statue is not noticeable from anywhere. It will only show itself once the boss is rolled or when 45 posts have been made. The creature is 60 feet tall, making it the biggest statue around. When it awakens, the hoes is destroyed, with all the statues that were after you destroyed as well, but they will rebuild. This gives at least 2 posts of time to attack the giant. The giant statue resembles a queen, with a crown on it's head. It attacks by trying to hit you with it's arm, stomping on you or by beams of pure energy created from it's eyes or mouth. This creature attacks with physical attacks and not mental attacks like the others before. During this fight, the other statues will still try to attack you, making it quite hectic, but after the boss is taken out, the others statues will crumble to dust. The boss takes 15 S-rank hits to take out. It doesn't rebuild itself.

    Reward: 75000 Jewels after the boss has been defeated.

    Simon had recently developed a strange talent for research, even though he wasn't a big fan of it. Up in his nest in the guild ceiling he had assembled an interesting web of information. The young man had managed to assemble the full on wall covered in maps and documents with string and thumb tacks thing and he didn't even know the proper word for such a collection. At the center was the job request to investigate a house full of mysterious statues where people had been disappearing, from the job description Simon figured it would be worth his time to do his homework before going in. Sadly despite his efforts he came up with truly nothing he had spent an entire day on the project and found no return for his effort, victims all came from unrelated towns, there was everything from town drunks to generous business men, children to adult, man and women the house had no favorites. So at the end of the day Simon was completely clueless as to who his enemy really was, what they wanted, and why they did what they did but hey at least he knew when and where. Without any real information he was going to be going in completely blind.

    That in mind he climbed out of his nest and jumped down to the guild floor below. Simon had no problem charging willy-nilly into a mystery house where people disappeared but he wasn't dumb enough to do it alone. A short jump put him on top of a table where he yelled at the guild "OI OI OI! I'm looking into a series of disappearances from some strange house filled with these weird statue things. The job information provides almost no intel on them and further research has got me nothing. In short it could be anything from a minor cult to a gateway to hell absorbing the souls of anyone who dares enter. So who wants to come with me?" Simon had definitely made himself heard over the din of the guild hall but apparently not very clearly as the majority of people who's attention he had managed to grab looked more confused then anything. He was about to reexplain hismelf until some numbskull cried in confusion "Wait you want to march us into a gateway to hell operated by a cult of living statues?!" Simon really hated when people who only half-heard things drew up conclusions like that he was about to correct him and get the right information out but the "marching into hell" story caught on and everyone had their backs turned. No sane person was going to march into hell for any reason leaving the phoenix empty handed "Come on! It's not gonna be that bad." He got not even a glance as a reply, a real great start to his recruitment efforts.


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