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    Just pretend I'm totally new, okay?


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    Just pretend I'm totally new, okay? Empty Just pretend I'm totally new, okay?

    Post by RusoLiberty 10th March 2019, 1:12 am

    I was active on this site back in 2015 under the name BekettOrean. I spent most of my time in the old live chat but eventually left the site for business in my own personal life as well as disinterest in the route my character was on.

    Now I'm back and hopefully ready to stick around for some time if I can. I plan to be a bit more active on actual jobs and such now as well. I think I have some pretty cool ideas for a new character! I've already done a little bit of art of him. Hopefully it all goes well!

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    Just pretend I'm totally new, okay? Empty Re: Just pretend I'm totally new, okay?

    Post by Nero 10th March 2019, 2:31 am

    Just pretend I'm totally new, okay? Giphy

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