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    To Earthland... And Beyond!~Job Serina


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    To Earthland... And Beyond!~Job Serina Empty To Earthland... And Beyond!~Job Serina

    Post by Serina 25th November 2014, 3:04 pm

    Serina had been in the guild hall, word had gotten around that there was an opportunity to get a passport. This excited Serina... Or whatever you would call excitement that an emotionless robot had. "Passports. This will allow me to obtain knowledge on magic users and guilds and people from other nations besides Fiore. I will do this, to further the progress in my quest." Serina looked around for any companion to come with her, for no reason really. Finally despising that effort of finding a partner was futile, Serina got out of the guild hall and started walking towards the Docks.


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