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    Venom Demon

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    Daiko's Stash Empty Daiko's Stash

    Post by Daiko 8th November 2014, 8:45 am

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    Ring of Emptiness:
    Name: Ring of Emptiness

    Description: The ring of emptiness is a simple bronze ring with a grey stone. On this stone is etched the character for 'Emptiness' from an ancient language. This ring is supposed to represent the state where a person has no yin or yang. However, in truth it represents the true enlightenment of balancing both.
    Ability: The user is able to cause their spirit to leave their body and enter an astral state for as long as they want. In this form they can go through walls, walk into areas too dangerous to normally enter and fly freely. However, they can't go further than 1000ft from their body. Their body is also left unprotected and neither spirit form nor body can use magic whilst this is active. They cannot move any faster then they would normally whilst in spirit form and must travel back to the body in order to reverse the spell. This costs no MP to use.
    Tome of Famine:

    Daiko's Stash Iqakjo

    Price: 75 Cosmic Coins

       Name: Tome Of Famine
       Rank: Mythical
       Type: Tome
       Description: This Tome adorned with a set of weighing scales was once wielded by Famine, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and perhaps the most patient and, some would say, sadistic of the four. Wherever Famine roamed, suffering and turmoil would follow like a deathly plague walking the lands. Fields that once bore the juiciest fruits turned into barren wastelands where not even the toughest plants could thrive. Flowing rivers would dry up, leaving only the trail where they once passed. Anyone living nearby would have an agonising wait as they slowly but surely wasted away, dying of starvation or thirst, or murdered as their closest friends resorted to desperate measures in order to survive. All of this was caused by the incantations that are scripted inside Famine’s Tome, words that need only be uttered under one’s breath to bring about decay of the world around them.

       Those who wield the Tome must be patient, as the incantations within take some time to truly grip their targets. Furthermore, the wielder must be wary not to remain within the vicinity for a long period of time once the incantation is spoken, as many of the incantations affect a large area and thus doing so will result in them suffering the same fate as those they curse. Famine cares not for who it plagues. It cares only to rot that which resides around it.
       * As one of the most powerful weapons in existence, the Tome of Famine floods the wielder’s mind with unfathomable knowledge of curses that weaken and oppress their victims. As such, the incantations are impossible to dodge when within a 20 meter range, and their effects are doubled when within 10 meters of the caster.
       * The incantations are designed to become stronger as time passes, afflicting their victims and watching them slowly break down both mentally and physically until the point where they finally break apart. As such, the longer a victim goes without being assisted, the worse off they’ll be, to the point that they may be afflicted with a permanent reminder of their plight even if they miraculously recover.
       * The Tome of Famine becomes bound to its current wielder, and cannot be removed or broken by any means, or altered so that the user of this weapon is unable to use it.  The Tome and its incantations cannot be sealed away regardless of the strength of the seal, thus any attempt to do so is completely in vain.
       * The Tome of Famine requires a patient holder. Attempting to run in all guns blazing and dealing damage at a ridiculous pace will cause the Tome to tear its bond from its wielder until the end of the thread.
       * At S-Rank, the wielder May cast this tomes H-Rank spell, although they do so at their own risk.  Should the user at S-Rank desire to use the H-Rank spell, it will drain all magical energy they have remaining, and will knock them out for the next 5 posts.  No exceptions.
       * This tome scales with rank, meaning that the wielder cannot use a spell that is ranked higher than their own rank, with the exception stated above.

    Name: The Horseman’s Body
       Rank: D-Rank
       Type: Supportive, Buff, Passive
       Each of the horsemen had an extremely powerful body; sure, their weapons were amazingly powerful, but nothing would’ve come of them if they all didn’t have a powerful and durable body.  This passive ability that is activated only by holding the weapon grants the user an extremely powerful and durable body; not on par with that of the horsemen, of course, but it greatly strengthens their overall abilities - speed, strength and endurance.  While with this weapon, the user becomes faster than any sprinter, stronger than any weight lifter, and can withstand and last longer than any boxer or fighter of any kind; in other words, they become peak humans in all of those qualities.
       * Grants the wielder of the Tome the body of a peak human in multiple aspects.
       * This passive ability only works while the Tome is within the users grasp, meaning that without this weapon, it cannot be used.

    Name: Famine’s Aura
       Rank: C-Rank
       Type: Supportive
       Famine was perhaps the most patient and sadistic of the four horsemen who would represent decay and suffering. While the incantations themselves were terrifying enough, Famine’s constant use of them caused an unexpected side effect; a decaying aura. Anyone who came into contact with or even got close to Famine would find themselves beginning to feel nauseous. This feeling would only become more pronounced and more threatening the longer they spent in the Horseman’s presence, eventually to the point where they lacked the strength to fight on. While the Tome of Famine does not grant this effect as a passive like Famine once had, it can be activated at will by the Tome’s wielder.

       Anyone who is within 10 meters of the caster will begin to feel nauseous. For every post that passes the opponent will lose 5% of their maximum HP and will have their strength and durability drained by a further 10%.

       Anyone who comes into direct contact with the caster will immediately vomit. They suffer from 10% HP loss every post and their strength and durability is decreased by 25% for 5 posts. Spells the victim tries to cast will cost an additional 5% of magical energy. The first effect does not stack on top of this.

       Furthermore, any soil, water or element  within the range of this spell  will become cursed and begin rotting, making it inedible and unusable for slayers and mages alike.
       * A great method of weakening an enemy both physically and mentally by making them feel so ill that they’d wished they’d not left their beds that morning.
       *Rots the surrounding area, making it inedible to Slayers and impossible to manipulate and use by mages.
       * This spell only has a range of 10 meters, thus anyone out of that range will not be affected.
       * Famine would not distinguish between friend or foe on the battlefield with exception of the fellow horsemen.  As such, all allies except those who wield a weapon of a Horseman are as equally afflicted by the spell as an enemy would be.
        Duration: 3 posts.
       Cooldown: 6 posts

    Name: Summon Horse: Famine’s Steed
       Rank: B-Rank
       Type: Supportive, Summon
       What’s the point of being called The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse if you don’t have your own horse?  This spell begins by the tome glowing an ominous violet as the caster chants an incantation in an ancient tongue. An enormous violet portal is formed and from out that portal steps the original horse of Famine, known simply as ‘the black horse’, which was the historic sign of wealth. The black horse has become completely immune to his master’s incantations and has remained loyal to Famine through thick and thin. While you may not be Famine, the fact that you wield his master’s tome and can cast the same incantations is enough for the horse to permit you to ride him.  The majestic, yet, horrifying horse is your steed, your trusty companion, which the wielder is able to mount, strictly the wielder of Famine’s Tome.

       The black horse is able to gallop at a speed of a 55 miles per hour, and withstand up to 5 B-Rank hits or the equivalent to.  If the wielder of Famine’s Tome stays behind their comrades and supports them with their incantations in battle whilst riding the black horse, and if they activate Famine’s Aura, the effects of that spell are doubled, and its duration is increased by a post while also extending its radius to 25 meters
       * Summons Famine’s black horse.   The horse can be mounted by the owner of Famine’s Tome, and can gallop extremely quickly, and be used as a meat shield if required.
       * If the user stays back, still, and supports their allies while Famine’s Aura is activated, they gain tremendous benefits (see description above).
       * Only the summoner is able to ride the black horse.
       * The effect that the black horse has over Famine’s Aura only applies to when they’re stood still in battle. Charging into battle is ill-advised.
       * Along with Famine’s Aura becoming stronger, the drawbacks are also increased.
       * Should the black horse get to the max damage he can withstand, he will return back to his own world, and if the summoner was riding him, he or she will fall, receiving B-Rank damage if they hit the ground.
       Duration: 6 posts
       Cooldown: 7 posts

    Name: Emaciation
       Rank: A-Rank
       Type: Offensive
       Description: While most of Famine’s incantations were those afflicting painful and long-term sicknesses, the spell ‘Emaciation’ was perhaps the most immediately potent and the only spell that took an immediate toll on the victims. While the full and most devastating effects of this spell have been kept hidden by Famine, the majority of the spell’s incantation has been kept within the tome. As the wielder speaks the incantation, they hold out their free hand. A pool of violet magical energy begins to flow from seemingly nowhere into the hand, growing slowly into a bubbling mass that releases an ominous looking mist.
       Upon the completion of the incantation, the wielder will then clench their hand shut, compacting the energy before opening their hand and releasing it upon their victims. Anyone within a 20 meter range is smashed for A-rank damage outright. Anyone within a 50 meter range will find themselves weakening as they feel they are growing hungrier and thirstier with every post, while they lose 10% of their health per post and their strength dwindles by 25%.
       * The range is rather long and the effects of the spell take a hold immediately upon casting.
       * The spell is able to ignore any and all barriers as it is essentially raw magical energy in a gaseous form.
       * Once the incantation is complete the spell is cast incredibly fast.
       * The incantation must be completed before the spell can be cast, thus being interrupted will cancel the spell.
       * Anyone outside of the 50m range will have no reason to worry, as the spell will not reach them.
       * Like many of Famine’s spells, this cares not whether the target is friend or foe.
       Duration: Damage is instant. Secondary effects last for 5 posts.
       Cooldown: 8 posts

    Name: Core Reflection
       Rank: S-Rank
       Type: Defensive
       The user begins the spell by concentrating their magical energy into the tome, causing the scales to pulse an ominous violet.  Now, what the user is able to do is to reflect any and all offensive spells that may come towards them; the user is able to reflect up to 2 S-Rank spells, or the equivalent to, and because they’re reflected, they’ll be sent back to the location they came from with the exact same factors as they were sent, which means that the foe may have their own spell hit them.
       * Allows the user to reflect back spells towards the foe.
       * The reflection may potentially damage the foe, and a substantial amount can be reflected.
       * Cannot reflect H-Rank spells
       * Works only on ranged spells
       * No guarantee the foe will get hit with their own spell.
       * Doesn’t work on AoE spells.
       * Will end prematurely if the wielder reflects back everything they can
       Duration: Maximum of 5 posts.
       Cooldown: 8 posts.

    Name: Oppression
       Rank: H-Rank
       Type: AoE, Offensive, Supportive
       Description: Do you remember when you were small and all those big kids would pick on you in the playground? Imagine that but countless times more depressing and destructive. Oppression was Famine’s ultimate and most controlled spell, one that caused masses of men, women and children to lose their livelihood – or their lives – as they tried to survive through the poverty.

       The spell is cast through an incantation, only this time the words seem to flow from the page and surround the caster. As the last word is spoken, the words will spin faster before seemingly exploding outwards, touching every single person within a 200m radius and affecting them differently depending on whether the caster views a person as a friend or a foe. The wielder of the Tome of Famine will have all of their cooldowns refreshed, and all of the spells within the tome below A-rank will become passives with every spell they cast.

       Should the caster view a person as an ally, they will immediately begin to feel better about themselves. Their bodies will grow stronger as their strength is doubled, their minds will become sharpened and all spells below A-rank will have no cooldowns.

       Should the caster view a person as an enemy however, they will immediately feel oppressed by the forces before them. Their strength will decrease by 25%, their spells will cost 5% more MP and their minds will become clouded as their thoughts turn to all of the bad things in their lives – including the hunger and thirst that is now screaming from their stomachs. For every post they will lose 5% HP (They will always be left with at least 1% HP so that they must suffer for longer).
       * The ultimate ability; all of Famine’s spells become passives up to, but not including A-Rank.
       * Very big radius and it’s inescapable if trapped within.
       * Barriers and armour will not protect anyone from the effects of Oppression, as the enemies will simply view Famine’s allies as superior to them.
       * While it is inescapable, those that are outside of the area of effect cannot be affected once the spell has been cast, and thus they can rally their allies into fighting back.
       * Power comes with a cost; this spell may be casted by S-Rank mages, though it drains the remainder of their magic completely after it ends, and H-Rank mages will have a good 40% of their magical energy shaved off, should they use this ability.
       * H-rank mages on either side are unaffected by this spell.
       * Usable only once per thread.
       Duration: 7 posts
       Cooldown: The rest of the thread.

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