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    To Earthland... and the Passport office?(solo-Eien)

    Izayoi Burakkurōzu
    Izayoi Burakkurōzu

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    To Earthland... and the Passport office?(solo-Eien) Empty To Earthland... and the Passport office?(solo-Eien)

    Post by Izayoi Burakkurōzu Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:29 pm

    Eien had heard somewhere that a "passport", what ever that was, would make her life easy and so Eien headed to office she was pointed to. As she walked she took a childlike form changing her hair color to a deep red and her eyes to gray, this happen without thinking mainly cause a childish thought ran though her head. when she walks in she is immediately assaulted by all sorts of sounds, babys crying, children whining, and elder chating among themselves. Eien walks up and ask one of the ladys where she should go, the lady whom looks bored out of her mind point Eien to a long line. "Awww come on." she complains to herself as she move to the back of the line. the line moves horribly slow and Eien is stuck standing there for a hour before she comes up with a idea to be in line yet at the same time not. Waving her hand she summons 2 guilt legionary's who both look around, then at her. "I need you two to wait in line for me im..." Shes cut off by a man in a guards uniform.

    "Hey little girl you cant use magic here." he say with little interest other than hes doing his job. "im going to.." he stop as he wave a device and nothing happens. "what the? is this thing broken."

    "Nope. I dont use magic so Nullification stuff like that wont work." Eien chimes in as she walks away from the line.

    "I just saw you summon them, Thats magic." the guard says waving the device again. "Damn it why is this not working." he storms off.

    Eien find a nice spot next to a window and starts taking a nap. while she does the guard gets some of his friend and the try many time and many ways to dis-spell Eien Guilt legionary's, and fail every single time. A few hours go by and the guard continue to keep trying, much to the gathering crowds amusement, eventually they give up moving back to there respective posts. Eien gets poked and prodded by a small child for a little while, only opening a single eye to tell the kid to stop. One of the guild Legionary's leave to go obtain some food for Eien, grabbing some Jewel from her as it leaves. It returns with a large chunk of meat, that when it approaches Eien snaps awake and snatches it away and Eats it, sloppily i might add. As she finishes up one of the guilt legions walks up and grabs her hand, leading her to the counter. A very angry looking old lady site behind the desk.

    "You should be in line... not these things." she yells at Eien. "and where are your parents." she snaps.

    "Dead." Eien says in a very matter of fact voice. "Now i want to get a... uh Passpork."

    "A what?" the woman ask with a look of honest confusion.

    "Pass...port?" Eien trys again.

    "OH! Ill need you name, guild, and magic type." the lady pulls a sheet of paper out and sets it on the counter with a pen.

    Eien spends the next few minutes filling out the sheet, after she done she hands it over to the lady who imputs the date into some machine, then pulls out a small camera. "smile." she snaps the picture before Eien can smile. "that will be 5000 Jewel expect the passport in 3 to 5 days." Eien hands the Jewels over and walks out, the Two guilt Legionary's in tow.

    "thanks you two." she jumps around to face them as she speaks. "have a good day." and then dismisses them. Eien then walks off to find some new adventure somewhere else.

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