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    Post by Guest 4th June 2020, 5:04 pm

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    Once again, several weeks had passed between the day that Faustein had acquired his new iLac and present time. Since then, Faustein had immersed himself in both his professional life as a magical physician-scientist at his clinic in Magnolia Town and his never-ending mad science research. Naturally, the main reason for him involving himself so deeply in both of these was  his eternal quest for ever more knowledge. On one particular day, Faustein had been lounging about since the day’s workload was less than average and was enjoying his usual triple shot espresso while perusing the daily newspaper.

    So, Fiore, along with Bellum and Seven, has always produced some of the most skilled wizards in all of Earthland; and so, the Magic Council has decided to offer the services of our wizards here in Fiore abroad in other nations, eh? They plan to offer this for a considerable service charge too, I see. How amusing, indeed.

    Faustein had mused silently in this manner as he let his eyes take in the announcement from the Magic Council and his brain had registered this information since he considered it to be important.

    This will greatly expand my operational range as it will grant me the ability to perform jobs outside of Fiore. Perhaps I will go and acquire one for myself.

    He had murmured to himself as he finished have his triple shot espresso and had set it aside on the table beside him. Then he had readied himself and set out at once to procure an International Passport as per his plans. This brings the story to the present time when the rented magic mobile he had been driving finally reached Hargeon Town.

    O Norns Verðandi and Skuld, ye goddesses who control the present and future of all creation, I beseech thee most humbly, let not any misfortune on this day befall me.

    Faustein thought as he approached his destination and parked his magic mobile out of the way. Then, as he approached, he swept his crimson red gaze across the area to take in the situation. To his chagrin, however, a huge line of bustling people was already gathered and all of them were acting in quite the insane, disorderly fashion in front of the docks of the quaint little port town, aka Hargeon. So, he stood away from them and observed in order to make a mental note of any important details. As he did, he could see that there were several families, children, and old folks who were all attempting to go on vacation or other such international tours.

    It seems everyone's clamoring for an International Passport. How quaint.

    Then a thought struck him and he smirked in amusement as he mused further

    All of these people are mages? Holy Heisenberg, it never ceases to amaze me how Fiore has such a large mage population and even more so that overall, this is but a mere fraction of the total number of citizens in all of Fiore.

    After that, he stopped one of the people who had exited the line after acquiring a passport and asked him about the procedure and the other details regarding the situation. The man looked at him quizzically, as though he should know the reason for the situation, but eventually obliged him anyway

    Well, Count Sparrow and the Magic Council have reopened Fiore's borders to outsiders, and in turn, have opened the borders to Seven, Bosco, and Minstrel as a show of peace. Therefore, every mage with a wanderlust has apparently shown up here to get one of these Passports.

    To that, Faustein had responded while nodding

    I see, good to know. You may go on your way now.

    With that, he released the man and waved him off after which he headed over to the line and inserted himself into it at the very end since the rest was too crowded. It took several hours, but eventually his turn came at long last. So, he stepped up to the agent from the Magic Council who was sitting there and handing out the International Passports.

    Good evening, here for a passport like all the rest of these blokes, eh? Alright then, present you details so that I can note them down and create your International Passport.

    Faustein nodded and began reciting his details slowly so that the agent could register them

    Name: Dr. Stein. Age: 29 years old. Nationality: Fiore…

    Since there was so many of his details, it took a long while but finally after a few hours, he finished giving all the salient details to the Magic Council agent. The agent then nodded to confirm he had understood all the information and started to create Faustein’s passport. It did not take too long, but there came a small hiccup at the very end. The agent apparently also needed to know Faustein’s guild if any.

    Okay, we’re nearly done here. Last detail, what is your guild affiliation?

    Faustein was silent for a few moments as he pondered how to answer, but then he realized he could simply trick the man with none being the wiser.

    Light guild, Name: Sabertooth.

    The man looked at him for a few moments as if trying to discern if there was any falsehood to Faustein’s statement, but once those moments passed, it seemed that he could not detect any such deception. However, he did ask Faustein to show his guild emblem which Faustein had been anticipating and so, Faustein morphed a patch of skin on his wrist to resemble a yellow colored tattoo which vaguely resembled the head of a saber-tooth tiger. The man inspected it, and then nodded indicating that he was satisfied at last. Then, he handed over Faustein’s passport to him and then instructed him about the great number of rules concerning international travel, taking on international jobs, about international etiquette, and the like. Needless to say, Faustein’s brain registered all this information and filed it away for future reference. Then, he was waved away by the agent who had the usual official polite, porcelain smile on his face as he gave one last instruction

    Remember all that we have talked about Dr. Stein and do not ever besmirch the name of Fiore whilst you are abroad.

    Faustein received and pocketed his new International Passport and then walked away to his magic mobile

    The Magic Council sent the likes of him to give out these International Passports? What in the world were they thinking, I wonder? That agent of theirs is about as sharp as a piece of putty which is to say, not at all. Oh well, it is not my problem in any way, so I will let this matter go for the time being.

    He mused thus silently and chuckled as he drove back to his house in Magnolia Town, intending to make good use of his new International Passport.


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