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    [To Earthland and Beyond] The Misadventures of Getting a Passport

    Yuu Blitzkrieg
    Yuu Blitzkrieg



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    [To Earthland and Beyond] The Misadventures of Getting a Passport Empty [To Earthland and Beyond] The Misadventures of Getting a Passport

    Post by Yuu Blitzkrieg 16th December 2015, 5:17 pm

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    The morning was brisk and beautiful in the port town of Hargeon. Klein knew now that he had joined a guild he was going to have to leave Fiore on a job sooner or later. So he decided to be one step ahead and get his passport there. The birds were chirping and the air smelled of salt from the sea. Everything seemed pretty great. That was until Klein noticed the actual passport office. It was a mess. There were men, women, and children with their families, all trying to get a passport. It was like a hurricane in the middle of a peaceful town. "Damn." Klein thought. "Am i really going to have to wait in THAT line?" Klein groaned and walked up to the line. He waited there for a bit and there was hardly any progress. Some people were calmly waiting like he was, and others... well others had a bit less patience. They would try cutting in line only to have a very large man stop them and scare them away. "Yeesh, i guess that means im not cutting today." Klein thought to himself at the sight of the man. Klein stood there a while longer, taking in the sights of Hargeon that were all around him, when he suddenly had a great idea.

    He ran up on top of a fountain near the passport office. He stood there very elegantly and announced in the loudest voice he could muster, "Hello everyone! I am the great white dragon slayer! Come one come all, to witness my spectacular magical prowess in action!" Soon after Klein began announcing himself to the entire town, people began gathering around the fountain he was standing on to watch. "It's working." He thought. He continued with his act. "Now... watch this!" Klein exclaimed as he shot a small ball of light straight up into the air. It then exploded like a firework and left his guild symbol in the sky for a few seconds. "Wow, thats amazing!" Someone exclaimed. Klein continued doing various magical tricks to please the crowd. Not long after, people in the line to the passport office had begun to gather around him as well. "Yes! the lines clearing up." Klein thought to himself. Soon the line was almost empty. Klein said, "Well folks, thanks for coming out, but i have abit of business I have to take care of." With tha Klein shot concentrated light out of his feet and propelled himself off of the fountain and towards the passport office. He landed gracefully on the ground infront of the man who was in charge of handing out the passports. "Hello good sir, im here to obtain my international passport plese." Klein stated to the man. "Well sonny that was a very clever trick you pulled." The man said. "Heres your passport" The man gave Klein his passport and he raised his arms in victory. "Hey!" Someone in the crowd said. "That guy just did this so he could skip us in line." "So he did" The large man from before said as he walked up. Klein swallowed hard and bolted out of there. "Well, atleast i got my passport." He thought while running from the crowd.

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