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    Kaseki's Aspects of The Apocalypse: Lesson 4


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    Demon of life

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    Kaseki's Aspects of The Apocalypse: Lesson 4 Empty Kaseki's Aspects of The Apocalypse: Lesson 4

    Post by Kaseki 24th September 2014, 9:41 am

    Job Info:
    Job Title:
    Assassination contract: Gregor Cassel
    Player Requirements:
    B rank and higher, or 2 C ranks that count for one B rank. Must be from a Dark Guild.
    Job Requirements:
    2 players max, 25 posts, 300 words per post
    Job Location:
    Job Description:
    Gregor Cassel an upcoming politician who's campagne show him as a voice of the masses, a supporter of the poor and the working class is gaining a lot of influence lately. So much that he has become quite nuisance to those who of greater wealth and positions. And now that his following grows larger with the day there are people who fear the moment he gains enough votes to be part of the Council. Afraid of the changes it will bring, to their own lifestyle.

    Because of this a handful of people have decided that Gregor needs to be dealt with in the form of an assassination. But knowing that they couldn't do this themselves they turned towards the dark guilds of Fiore and are willing to pay a handsome fee to anyone who is willing to take up this job. However there is one condition, Gregor's death must not show any connection to them. Nor does it need to look like an accident. That would raise to much questions, and would start rumors that could damage the clients reputations. So in order to divert the attention from them you have to kill Gregor in public and claim the kill openly for your guild.

    This job will be a success when you have fled the city and killed Gregor as planned.

    When you encounter Gregor, he will be surrounded by 10 weak guards regardless of the dice. The moment you will escape Crocus you will roll the dice 15 times to determine the city-guards that will try to stop your escape.

    City Guard, the regular soldiers who patrols the streets of Crocus and top priority is the safety of it's citizens. They are armed with a sword and shield. Their attacks count for D rank damage
    City Guard Suppression Squad, heavy armored knights who wield spears and broad shields. These guys are quite strong, enough that one thrust with their spears is equal to one C rank damage. Their shield are protected with magical layers that let's them to deflect 50% damage of every C rank spell that is casted.
    Squadron Commander, heavy armored knights that have gained their positions through experience. These guys are the veterans among the City Guard and have trained their whole life. If you encounter them watch out, because their claymores have a long reach and deal double B rank damage with each hit.

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