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    Art of War


    Demon of life

    Demon of life

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    Art of War Empty Art of War

    Post by Kaseki on 21st October 2014, 12:40 pm

    Secondary Magic Name: Art of War
    Caster or Holder: Holder
    Description: Brushogun had be trained in swordsmanship since he was a child, however, he preferred the arts of painting rather than combat. Years after his family's tragic death he had infused his family skills and his own art, creating the Art Of War. Brushgun uses his magic just as a regular swordsman. The difference is that he enchants his weapon with various spells of color, known as Paints, to give the weapon more advanced elemental properties. In more advanced forms, Brushogun uses the power to not only boost his weapon, but his own armor.

    The magic itself is based on activating certain runes in the body. Because of this, the magic relies on something other than Magic Power (MP), but Action Power (AP).

    This was passed down to Kaseki during Brushogun's final week. He removed his runes and gave them away to Kaseki, his mentor. He was in a rough state of mind and no will to press on. Kaseki requested he at least bind the runes to his body as they were bound to Brushogun.

    And this is how Kaseki obtained this magic.

    - Has a variety of elemental powers
    - Very unique to Brushogun & Kaseki
    - Can also create beautiful art
    - Because it is holder, it cannot be eaten
    - Overall, it is less powerful than other elemental spells
    - Spells have little to no range
    - All spells rely on the runes
    Elemental Properties:
    Fire: Deals additional fire damage (3%) for 3 posts after spell is cast.
    Water/Ice: Spells lower the speed of the target.
    Earth/Nature: Spells knock back the opponent for up to 10 yards
    Air/Wind: Brushogun's speed is doubled when this rune is activated while the spell is active.
    Lightning: Fastest of the runes, nearly impossible to dodge, (but possible to avoid)
    Metal: The strongest of the runes, hardest to break. Useful for armor spells
    Venom/Poison: Deals additional poison damage (3%) for 3 posts after spell is cast.
    Light/Angelic: Purest of the runes
    Dark/Demonic: Most corrupt and evil of all the runes

    Chameleon: Kaseki glows an aura corresponding to the element.
    Fire: Red
    Water/Ice : Blue
    Earth/Nature: Green
    Air/Wind: Light Blue
    Lightning: Yellow
    Metal: Gray
    Venom/Poison: Purple
    Light/Angelic: White
    Dark/Demonic: Black

    Action Power Value: As Kaseki increases in Rank, so does his available AP values.
    D Rank: 20
    C Rank: 30
    B Rank: 50
    A Rank: 75
    S Rank: 80
    SS Rank: 90
    H Rank: 100

    Runes: The power of the rune varies based on spells. Kaseki acquires new techniques and powers based on his rank. He can activate the runes at any given time.  As he ranks up he learns additional elements corresponding to his rank. Runes remain active during an entire post. So all spells cast within that post are of the same element. (Able to use Runes of his rank and lower.)
    D Rank: Fire & Water/Ice
    C Rank: Air/Wind & Earth
    B Rank: Lightning & Metal
    A Rank: Venom/Poison
    S Rank: Light/Angelic
    SS Rank: Dark/Demonic
    H Rank: Able to activate one rune per spell.

    AP Costs:
    At D Rank: D;2AP
    At C Rank: D;1AP C;2AP  
    At B Rank: D;1AP C;2AP B;5AP
    At A Rank: D;1AP C;2AP B;4AP A;10AP
    At S Rank: D;0AP C;3AP B;3AP A;8AP S;20AP
    At SS Rank: D;0AP C;1AP B;3AP A;7AP S;20AP
    At H Rank: D;0AP C;0AP B;3AP A;5AP S;10AP H;20AP

    Natural Enchantment: Kaseki restores AP after a certain amount of posts. The power of his restoration varies upon rank.
    D Rank: 5AP Per 5 Post(s)
    C Rank: 7AP Per 5 Post(s)
    B Rank: 7AP Per 3 Post(s)
    A Rank: 5AP Per 2 Post(s)
    S Rank: 7AP Per 2 Post(s)
    SS Rank: 7AP Per 1 Post(s)
    H Rank: 10AP Per 1 Post(s)

    Evidence of Accomplishment: (insert link to training thread)

    D-Rank Spell Name:

    C-Rank Spell Name:

    B-Rank Spell Name:

    A-Rank Spell Name:

    S-Rank Spell Name:


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