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    Breaking the Ice (Queen)

    Odhran Aegisbane
    Odhran Aegisbane

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    Breaking the Ice (Queen) Empty Breaking the Ice (Queen)

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane 13th May 2024, 11:17 pm

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    "Will you please stop whistling?" the annoyed ice spirit hissed.

    Odhran looked over at his most long-held spirit companion. "Why? It's just a pleasant day out! The weather's the nicest it's been in months and I think I deserve a little treat!"

    Arnaluuk shook her head. [#66ffff]"Sometimes, I just can't with you..."[/color]

    Odhran let out a hearty laugh as a moan of pain came from his right. His interest piqued, he stepped over to the ruined house that held the owner of this cry. A middle-aged woman laid out belly-down, her home collapsed upon her. "My...my kids..." she wailed. "Are they okay?"

    Odhran gave a soft smile and sat down beside her, looking out at the town. The place was up in ruins, his winged dog Lupa flitting around, swiping humans down to their deaths no different than a dog swatting at a tennis ball. Amittai casually walked the roads, absently flipping his coin and gazing at anyone who crossed him. If they didn't faint or die from fear, the quick fire of pure terror from his fingertips would have finished them off. His recent "gift" from the King of the Celestial Spirit Realm (some rumored that it was a punishment to her and a bribe from the king to get the self-proclaimed god off of his back) also made her march, the spectral serpents striking solicitors savagely.

    "I very much doubt it, ma'am," he casually said. "Hell, I hope they aren't. You know what you all did. Adding extra charge to my bill at the tavern as a 'gratuity' to the bartender?! She was simply doing her job, why should I have to pay her more! Then your damn 'town guard' went out and just had to say I was 'causing a scene' and demanding I 'put down the chair!' I think your rudeness is very deserving of this karma. Don't you understand now?" He looked over at the woman, who had already passed. "Damn. Guess they remain rude even in death." He stood up, yawning. "I'm booooooooored, Arnie!"

    Arnaluuk sighed. [#66ffff]"Please don't call me that, Odhran. If you don't mind, I think we have more things to take care of as favors to the King. So..."[/color]

    Odhran frowned, pouting slightly. "Fiiine, you can go. I'm still not done here, so I'll just meet up with you there." He waved as Arnaluuk dissipated once more into the Celestial Spirit Realm. Bidding a staircase of golden dirt rise beneath his feet, Odhran took his seat at a rather ramshackle-looking dais, a megaphone appearing in his hand. "People of...whatever this place is called! Know that I am simply enacting Divine Judgement! I, Odhran Aegisbane, greatest Warlord in the history of-"

    "You ain't no damn Warlord!" a rude jeer came from a burly man with a pickaxe. He was silenced quickly by Odhran manifesting a small pistol in his hand and callously firing, striking the man between the eyes and sending the frail old woman behind him into a fit of tears.

    "Now, if I may continue... where was I? Ah, right. Greatest Warlord in history, has decided to grace you all with his presence and you instead call me a fake! A charlatan! A fraud! I don't even know what charlatan means, but if it's in the same context as those, then clearly it can't be something good. So, I thought you all needed a little lesson in manners, and well I would think I did that quite well, don't you? Now then, since you've all learned manners, may I ask you all to do me the greatest service and just croak already? It's horribly dull hunting down the fleeing innocent, so just put yourselves out in the open to be harvested like good little... grains of wheat. My metaphor doesn't really hold up that well, huh? Regardless, just bring yourselves into the open!"

    He began to unleash an evil laugh, watching down on his earthen plinth in the burning village of innocents, hoping they could find someone to perhaps save their souls.

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