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    Statues [Private]


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    Statues [Private] Empty Statues [Private]

    Post by Addre 5th February 2024, 7:30 am

    Statues creeped Addre out. It was probably because they kept reminding him of his lost, previous magic - creating images of life from nothing, the likes of which were ill imitated by sculptors of stone. But it was no issue now - Addre had moved on from his previous chains of creations and had become more human. In his own way, of course.

    Oak Town had many statues of heroes from the past. And almost every Wizard Saint in Fiore's history was idolized here, as well. They served as symbols of peace, but also symbols of oppression - who in Fiore could stand against them, or even utter a word in their opposition?


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