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    Sunstorm Dragon Slayer Magic


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    Sunstorm Dragon Slayer Magic Empty Sunstorm Dragon Slayer Magic

    Post by Addre 7th September 2022, 8:41 am

    Sunstorm Dragon Slayer Magic XWpt5tJ

    Sunstorm Slayer Magic / Solar Dragon Slayer Magic

    Proof of Purchase:
    Here (bought by my main Mura Kensho)

    Dragon Slayer

    Item/Energy needed to reach Force (Elements the Slayer can consume):
    Fire, Lightning, Radiation

    Slayer Can Control (Elements the Slayer can use in spells):
    Flames, Plasma, Electricity, Radiation

    Description & Appearance:
    The Sunstorm Slayer Lacrima is a sphere that seems to contain an ever-rotating, blazing inferno of unprecedented proportions, twisting, swirling, bending, before being set alight once more, a flame that appears as if made to burn eternally roaring within. The Lacrima is quite hot to the touch and seems to radiate both a perpetually intense light and heat. Even so much as simply touching it is no easy feat.

    Sunstorm Dragon Slayer Magic YlTJrvz

    The Sun. A source of nearly unlimited energy. Since time immemorial, humanity has sought to harness the power for itself, and in a wide variety of forms, humans have done so since the dawn of agriculture. Using it as the basis for magic, technology, religion, the importance of this celestial body is clear. Though, of course, humanity has never truly approached the full potential of such a celestial body. Not in the slightest. Yet, it is obvious that it has dreamed of doing so. One man, in particular, Dyson was his name, not blessed with the inherent powers that magic brought, theorized that given enough time and resources, humanity could rely on technology to harness the full power of a star, conceptualizing a simply gigantic machine that, if used to subjugate such a celestial body, could provide limitless energy that could sustain humanity and its ever-growing desire for energy for eons.

    In the end, Dyson's ideas were far too advanced for his time, and with neither the technological basis nor any other abilities, magical or otherwise, that could aid in making his dream reality, he would fade into obscurity. The man, however, did record his ideas in his writing, only for it to be discovered by a pupil of his after his death. Fascinated and inspired by the late visionary's idea, the pupil, determined to at least make some of his idea's reality, begun studying. The pupil, though, would differ from the mentor, being able to control and wield magical power, deciding to put his own spin on things. Given their resources, they, of course, couldn't wield the entire power of the sun, but he could at least capture the celestial body's essence, a ritual that collected, stored, and concentrated the sun's light into a crystal of pure magical power, in the end, creating this Lacrima. Of course, that's just an old story, and what happened to the Lacrima after is entirely unclear, though, one thing is certain: The Lacrima has resurfaced, and the power it contains is anything but a mere story. The light of the sun would finally be subjugated by humanity, after all.

    Spell Template:

    Advanced Spells:

    Signature Spells:

    B-Rank Spells:

    A-Rank Spells:


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