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    Glacial Frostburn Demon Slayer Magic


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    Glacial Frostburn Demon Slayer Magic Empty Glacial Frostburn Demon Slayer Magic

    Post by Addre 7th September 2022, 8:42 am

    Glacial Frostburn / Clear Demon Slayer Magic

    Proof of Purchase:
    Bought from Med's Shop

    Demon Slayer

    Item/Energy needed to reach Force (Elements the Slayer can consume):
    Ice, Water, Sunlight

    Slayer Can Control (Elements the Slayer can use in spells):
    Ice, Water, Sunlight


    Glacial Frostburn Demon Slayer Magic 6Q2PSWM

    The ever-frozen northern landscapes of Iceberg are covered in bitter cold and harsh storms year-round, known for their inhospitality to the majority of things living, some, with great effort, braving the harshness of Iceberg's arctic wastes. This, however, has not always been the case, the country's northern coast remembered in times long since passed for its idyllic fjords and natural glaciers of unparalleled beauty. Nature existed in harmony with the creatures and people of the land. Then, however, calamity struck, and the frigid temperatures usually limited only to the year's end conquered the lush forests and rich mountains in a flash, obliterating everything in its path and burying it among clashing sheets of ice and snow, extinguishing the flame of life with the cold of winter.

    Nature wept for its children, countless many existences perishing in the dimming aurora lights that shone through an onset of eternal night. Not even the balance of the world could withstand the force of the destruction, and so, nature would fall silent and weep no more, frozen still like so many others, but not without shedding a tear. This tear, the coalesced essence of the memories from before, formed into a curious crystallization of magic, buried beneath the northern snow for centuries only to be unearthed by chance many years after its creation, a faint glimmer of hope that one day, nature may return to Iceberg and banish the frozen hell.

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