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    Oaken Barrels in an Oaken Town (Francois)

    Nessa Lachina
    Nessa Lachina

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    Oaken Barrels in an Oaken Town (Francois) Empty Oaken Barrels in an Oaken Town (Francois)

    Post by Nessa Lachina 1st June 2023, 9:36 pm

    Oaken Barrels in an Oaken Town (Francois) Nessa-Post

    It wasn't all that uncommon for Nessa to have made her way to Oak Town. She definitely did her fair share of guild work to not only keep things moving steadily along in her personal life, but to make sure that she could actually afford to make stops at the one place in this town that had kept her coming back again and again: The Grand Library.

    But this time, anyone who might be interested in searching out the young woman wouldn't find her in any of her usual haunts around Oak Town. In fact, they would find her in someplace rather unusual for the young woman: A bar. Normally, the bar scene wasn't exactly Nessa's cup of metaphorical tea. But even she had to relax at some point.

    Luckily for her, it just so happened that the famous Summarsun Weeks had begun to kick into gear all across Fiore. Oak Town was a place chock full of history, but even here it was hard to get enough people and time set aside to kick off the celebrations with the biggest events. So instead, they had decided to try something different this year. The first of the Summarsun weeks had been kicked off with a joint effort: the local bars and fruit sellers working in conjunction to all but flood the streets with glass after glass of all sorts of free and fruity concoctions.

    You just had to be of age. It was a simple thing, really. But free was free, and even she couldn't miss out on that opportunity. It was why she found herself sitting at one of the many outdoor bars that had popped up throughout town. If anyone who knew her from her guild work walked by, the odds were good they would mistake her for someone else entirely. Normally her outfits were practical, more masculine in nature. But..she had a few outfits that worked in the opposing direction. For today, she fully embraced her femininity.

    Where normally she kept her lengthy hair in a both a side part and ponytail, it was now being kept in a simple braid that kept her hair reasonably put together, tied at the end with a simple black ribbon. Instead of the semi-professional attire of a dress shirt with black slacks and suspenders, she had on a sundress.

    A dark pastel purple. It didn't take much, but it made her entirely different from her usual appearance. Still, it was unfortunate that the festivities had started while she was all the way out in Oak Town. If she'd realized what day it was, she might have made the trek back to Talonia to visit some old friends. Oh well. It wasn't like this was the worst place to be stuck for a day. Still, as she sipped on the purplish-blue drink that she'd been served up, one thing was on her mind:

    It would be nice to have had some company. After all, the only people out on these impromptu tiki-bar setups aside from here were all starting to get to the point of being pretty actively smashed while she was still on her first drink. God, was she going to have to deal with a bunch of drunks? That really would be her luck, come to think of it.

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    Francois Prideheart
    Francois Prideheart

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    Oaken Barrels in an Oaken Town (Francois) Empty Re: Oaken Barrels in an Oaken Town (Francois)

    Post by Francois Prideheart 17th June 2023, 5:53 pm

    To say that him being in Oak Town was ill timed is an understatement. He had made a promise, after all, to celebrate the Summarsun weeks with his brothers. He imagines that his twins, Ozwald and Michael, have other plans or couldn’t be bothered to join with the festivities. His emerald eyed twin would be busy unraveling the secrets of his grimoire while also trying to find a solution to cure their brother, Michael, who he assumes is doing his normal merc work. His sapphire eyed twin, Olaf, was looking forward to celebrating it with him. So it was definitely unlucky for him to be here, as there was an urgent request from the Rune Knights to subjugate a cabal of dark wizards near the town. As luck would have it, they’d finish just in time for the festivities to start. He can’t ignore it. After all, he is a Rune Knight himself, and not in a high enough position to be calling the shots.

    So what does his platoon decide to do after the mission? Get absolutely smashed.

    He doesn’t blame them for wanting to enjoy the festivities. After all, the last mission was a difficult one without his help. It helps their morale. But in his personal opinion, this behavior is unbecoming of a Rune Knight, especially since they shouldn’t fool around in the middle of festivities. They’d have to keep their eyes peeled for any signs of trouble or a potential disaster.

    He sighed as he turned to face his comrades, their faces already beet red in their drunken state. Could they not hold their own liquor? How many shots have they drunk? “...I’ll just leave them be.” He mumbled to himself as he left his drunken comrades. Today he expects himself to be extra vigilant, due to the fact that anything could go awry in the middle of festivities. They’re not exactly in their uniforms so they could pass off as regular civilians just enjoying the alcohol served among the many bars spread across the town. He sported casual attire, which is composed of a white buttoned shirt worn under a black vest, an ascot, a pair of blue jeans, black leather shoes, and a black beret. Just a very simple attire. They are definitely not designer outfits.

    While he should be vigilant, it would be rude not to partake in the festivities, if only for a little. “I guess a little drink wouldn’t hurt.” He mumbled to himself as he approached one of the many outdoor bars. He’d find himself sitting beside a woman, holding a purplish blue drink. A cocktail? Curious. He’s more of a wine person, but a cocktail wouldn’t hurt. “I’ll have whatever.” He said to the bartender. He has no expectations of what the drink would taste like, or if it’s strong or not. He can hold his liquor.

    He glanced at the woman. He assumed she isn’t having a fun time right now, if her face is anything to go by. Might be in his best interest to strike up a conversation with her while waiting for his drink. “You don’t seem to be having fun, mademoiselle. Is there anything on your mind?” He’d speak up first.

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