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    Good & Bad Memories [Job / Solo / Plot]


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    Good & Bad Memories [Job / Solo / Plot] Empty Good & Bad Memories [Job / Solo / Plot]

    Post by Adeptus 5th February 2023, 12:18 am

    After dealing with two sets of pirates in one day, Adeptus was starting to question whether or not the town of Hargeon brings it on themselves. They weren't exactly difficult enemies for him to dispatch but having to deal with two different pirate crews in one day made it seem like that town was a little overrun with them. After speaking with the authorities about todays events and making sure to get his injuries checked out by medical staff, the masked mage made his way back to the inn where he had booked a room for the night. Upon entering the room, the young man closed the door behind him and removed the Demon Mask from his face with a wave of his hand in front of it. He approached the corner of the room where a standard mirror stood and slowly began to unwrap the bandage on his left arm to inspect the injury more closely. Determining that it was only superficial, the young mage walked over to the bedside table and looked at the services the inn offered. His eyes immediately locked on to the apparent bath house next door and with another wave of his hand across his face, the Demon Mask appeared and he made his way out of the inn.

    He was a little surprised that he hadn't noticed the building earlier when he arrived to check in, but didn't mind as he was in desperate need of a bath and some relaxation time. Entering the building, the young mage approached the middle aged woman behind the counter who was a little fearful at the sight of the young mage's mask. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just here for a bath." He explained in a soft, soothing tone. The woman nodded and Adeptus handed her the jewels required before heading to the locker room. Finding the designated locker number, the young mage immediately began to undress, taking off layer after layer and placing a towel around his waist. He began to follow protocol by washing himself with various scented soaps, rinsed himself off and made his way to the large, shared, natural spring styled bath. Removing his towel from around himself and placing it on a rock by the edge, the young mage stepped in, immediately feeling already relax by only his knees being submerged. Sitting, then lying back, allowing his full body up to his chin to be submerged, he closed his eyes and rested his head against the same rock his towel was on. As he laid there, falling deeper and deeper into relaxation, Adeptus began to run over the events that had happened that day. Acknowledging certain scenarios that could have gone better or worse, acknowledging the thankful eyes of the slaves that had been rescued, the sheer shock of the Rune Knights witnessing him take down nineteen pirates in less than twenty seconds. These were all trivial thoughts however.

    Adeptus hadn't had a bath in a very long time, sure, he showered every day but there is only so much relaxation that can be obtained through a shower. A bath was far more beneficial, but as his body fell into full relaxation, memories from his past began to flood in to his mind. The first memory that had made an appearance to him was actually a nice one, one from when he was a child and truly happy. He was in the bathtub at his cottage home, he was no older than six, playing with the bubbles as his mother sat on the side of the tub, washing his hair. The two of them were talking and smiling, later afternoon light still lingering through the window. The young mage couldn't make out what the conversation was about, the words were muffled but it a beautiful memory, it was warm. So when the next memory began to flood in, it was sad to see it go.

    The next memory that flooded into Adeptus' mind was cold and dark, it was the day of the accident. The young boy was only a little older now, maybe another year and he was standing in the middle of an opening in a forest, the one near his home. His mother and father were kneeling over a body, calling out with tears running down their faces. They were revealed, no masks adorn their faces and although he couldn't hear what they were saying since everything was muffled, he knew exactly what had happened and what they were saying. This was the day that one of Adeptus' spells backfired or lost control. It wasn't very clear as to what happened with the spell but it struck his eldest sister in the back. At first he thought she was just pretending when he had approached her, but when she wouldn't respond, he ran home to tell his family. His other sister stayed at home to take care of his younger brother and he made sure to lead them back to her. She wasn't dead, but she might as well be. The spell had struck her spine in the back of the neck and had paralysed her and left her relatively brain dead. She wasn't able to respond with words, wasn't able to respond with gestures, all she could do was lie there. The young boy stood further back from the scene, too scared to approach and see what he had caused, but he knew it was bad, no terrible, because his mother stomped her way over to him and immediately slapped him across the face with fiery anger in her eyes.

    The slap was what woke Adeptus up from his trip down memory lane, jolting him upward into a sitting position. His breath was shaking and deep as he looked around the bath to see if anyone had noticed, though thankfully, the room was empty just like before. Lying back again after calming his breath, the young mage laid there for a moment, watching as the steam floated around the room. He had hoped to keep those memories from his mind but obviously it isn't as simple as wishing it. The Fairy Tail wizard climbed to his feet, picking up his towel and wrapping it around himself. He wasn't sure whether or not he liked baths anymore and made his way to the locker room where he got changed again. Exiting the building and thanking the woman behind the counter, the young mage made his way back to his room at the inn and proceeded to lie in his bed. Though it was going to be a long night, as he couldn't shake the residual thoughts of those memories from his head.

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