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    For a Good Cause! [Job l Solo]


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    For a Good Cause! [Job l Solo] Empty For a Good Cause! [Job l Solo]

    Post by Iesha 17th March 2015, 12:38 pm

    Job Description:

    Job: For a good cause 
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Must use magic creatively to help raise money for a charity.
    Job Location: Hargeon
    Job Description: A charity (of your choice) is having trouble collecting money for their own cause and needs a mage to be able to attract people to their cause. They hope that a basic mage using magic will attract attention and will in turn give them more charitable donators. Please do your best to be creative with your magics and through RP give the people of Hargeon a small show to remember.
    Reward: Nothing, but gratitude.

    Riley walked through the town of Hargeon. She had traveled there and expected to have some fun but till now the female mage had found nothing to do. She sighed and turned her head to look at her partner, Theo was walking beside her, wagging his tiny tail. The black haired girl smiled at his cuteness. She shifted her gaze back to the path in front of her. She looked around, hoping to find something to do. 
    Her eyes landed on a man who sat there with a gloomy face. He seemed rather upset about something. Even from a distance, Riley could tell that he was tensed. She walked over to him, being followed by the young arctic wolf. The black haired girl, by looking at the man's expression, could tell that he was sad and wanted to help, although she knew that it was none of her business. 
    "Excuse me, sir." The man snapped his tired eyes towards the female mage who seemed to have startled him. "Yes?" Riley didn't think this through. She just approached him without thinking about what she would say. "Well.......you seemed a little upset, and i was wondering if i could help. You see I'm here because i had nothing better to do and then i saw you and decided that if i could help you in any way i would. You see, I'm a wizard from Sabertooth. I like to help people, and....." She continued to blabber on as the man stared at her. She looked at him. "I should probably shut up now." Riley stood there quietly waiting for the man to say something. He simply smiled at her. "Thank you so much dear, but i don't have any money to pay you." Riley waved her hands in front of her, "No, no. I don't want money, i just want to help." 
    The man seemed to be thinking, "Well, i own a charity that collects money and gives it to orphanages, but the problem is that i'm having a hard time collecting collecting money. If only there was some way to attract people to help us get more charitable donors." He began looking gloomy again. Riley without thinking opened up her mouth, "I'll help you." She had been an orphan and knew what happiness just the smallest ounce of love can bring to them. 
    Although she never lived in an orphanage, she knew all the suffering children have to go through. They find happiness when someone is there to care for them and this man was doing a very noble deed. There was no need to think about it, Riley knew her answer and she knew that she would do whatever it takes to help him. The man looked at her with hopeful eyes, "Thank you so much. Oh wait, i haven't introduced myself yet. My name is John." Riley shook the hand he offered, "My name is Riley." The man seemed to have lost his sadness. The black haired female could see hope in his eyes. "I'll go tell my partners. You can start." The girl nodded as John ran somewhere. "Let's get the show on the road." Riley said as Theo wagged his tail happily. He also seemed to be in favor of this idea. 
    Riley looked around for a perfect place, where she can be seen by everyone, but seemed to find no place such as that. Then an idea pops into her mind. A grin makes it's way onto her lips. She picks up Theo and mutters, "Ice wings." A pair of wings, made of pure ice, suddenly appear on her back. She lightly jumps, and launched into the air, 5 meters above ground. She could feel peoples eyes staring at her. She could hear whispers as she flew around graciously. She smiled as she caught attention of many people. The wings were quite heavy and were bring her down so she decided to land. She landed on the ground, as her wings turned a lighter shade of blue, then turned white and shattered, making it look like glitter. 
    Riley heard the applause from the audience. Now, she knew she could pull this off. Another idea struck her. She grinned before inhaling the air. She saw an empty space in front of her. “Ice Dragon Roar.” Light blue wind gushed out of her mouth, freezing the floor as they met. She saw that the people around her were confused as to why she did that. She then moved forward and began skating on the thin ice. She made sure it wasn’t very slippery. After a while, people began joining in. She could see the smiles of their faces. They were happy. Riley saw as Theo skated on the ice, slipping every time but he was also enjoying himself. 
    She cleared her throat. “Excuse me every one. “ She continued when she had gotten everyone’s attention. “You must be wondering why I’m doing this. Why some random girl just appeared out of nowhere and put on this show. Well, you see, a charity needs your help and support. They raise money and give them to orphanages. Those children need your help so please donate some money for them.” Riley sincerely hoped that there would be people who’d donate and she was shocked to see so many volunteers. She looked into the audience and found Mr. John who seemed to be very happy. “Well, that’s the noble man who runs this charity.” The black haired female pointed at John and everyone turned towards him and began crowding him. With that Riley left Hargeon Town along with Theo. She was happy that she was able to help.
    [Word Count: 946/750]

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