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    Skeleton Clean Up [Job/Solo]

    Silas Clearwater
    Silas Clearwater

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    Skeleton Clean Up [Job/Solo] Empty Skeleton Clean Up [Job/Solo]

    Post by Silas Clearwater 15th January 2023, 2:24 am

    Silas has had a rather eventful last few days. He stopped off in Hargeon and took on two requests there that ended relatively well. He then went to Sakuramori Forest where although he got the request done and rewarded, he is still not entirely sure how he had gotten out of there after summoning the one Aeon that would likely kill him, Ifrit. Still, he was alive, a little bruised and ready to return to the Sabertooth Guild Hall. He had just one more request to do. From Sakuramori, Silas caught another boat to his next destination at the Cursed Lands and if the name alone wasn't already concerning, the location in which the request would actually take place was. The Silent Cemetery. This request was the one Silas was least wanting to do, but he needed the jewels and his Aeons were always telling him that he needed to start getting stronger, to stop being scared and to 'man up'. Disembarking the boat and making his way towards the cemetery, the young wizard found the man who had posted the request. He was an elderly man, cloaked with a lantern in his hand, standing by the entrance to the graveyard. "H-hello sir. My name is Silas Clearwater from Sabertooth. I am here about the request." It was evident that Silas was scared as his voice was quite shaky and he kept looking around at the slightest sound jumpily. The old man looks Silas over for a moment and then nodded. "Excellent. Now, as soon as you step past those gates, skeletons will begin to rise. All you have to do is defeat them all and I will give you the reward." It sounded relatively straight forwards but Silas still had some concerns, but shook them out of his mind knowing what his Aeons would be saying right now. Instead, the young mage nodded and began to make his way into the cemetery.

    As he walked through the gates, the area seemed quite peaceful, creepy, but peaceful. The night sky made it worse and there was a cold chill in the air as if the place was haunted. Silas turned back to the entrance, about to ask the man where the skeletons were as none had appeared yet, but it was here that he could hear breaking earth, soil being moved and rattling bones. The young boy whipped around to face the original direction he was facing to see thirty or more skeletons beginning to climb out of the earth and their crypts. "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap." Silas exclaimed, beginning to panic at the sight that was unfolding. He knew that were going to be walking dead, but he wasn't expecting so many. He wanted to turn tail and run but then he would fail the request. If stayed like this on his own, he'd likely die. The only thing he knew he could do was to summon an Aeon. Unfortunately, none of his Aeons really like or respect him that much, well except for Golem, but he was more defensive focused rather than offensive. The skeletons began to make their move towards the young wizard, making unusual, undead sounds as the approached.

    Silas knew exactly which Aeon he had to summon, unfortunately this meant he was going to be torn down by it's words. "Oh mighty Aeon, I summon thee." He calls, raising an arm up in front of himself as a purple magic circle appeared. "The Hand of Fate. Alvar. Aid me!" Out of the magic circle, a young man with tanned skin, platinum white hair, amber eyes and purple clothing appeared between the boy and the skeletons. "Really?" The summon asks, looking at the wizard with the corner of his eye. "You're not even going to try and fight? You just summon me straight away?" This was Alvar, Silas' strongest and most reliable Aeon that he can call on. Unfortunately he is also the most judgemental, rude, and degrading Aeon. "Come on, help me. Please?" Silas asks, putting his hands together as if preparing to beg. Alvar shakes his head in disappointment and turns back to the skeletons approaching. "You really are pathetic. How about standing up for yourself for a change?" He asks, but doesn't receive a response. Silas had lost his train of thought and was now admiring Alvar's smooth, chiselled abs and tanned skin. The summon looks back to his summoner and instantly begins to lose it. "He cut it out! Get rid of those lewd, naughty thoughts out of your head and pay attention or I will let these dead eat you!" He states angrily, the young mage snapping out of his daze and paying attention to the situation at hand.

    Within a blink of an eye, Alvar was already behind one of the skeletons, pulling its head off and tossing it at another, causing it to fall to the ground in a cluttered mess. In another blink, he had kicked three more skeletons and punch another. Alvar was truly Silas' strongest Aeon. A master of hand-to-hand combat, fast, athletic, sexy... "Cut it out!" Alvar demands as he tears apart his ninth skeleton, noticing Silas had gone into another daze watching him. "Sorry!" Silas calls back, snapping out of another daze as Alvar defeated another three.

    Alvar proceeded to defeat another nine skeletons over the next three minutes but he began to take note that the skeletons seemed to keep coming. "Hey brat!" He called to Silas who was now hiding behind a tombstone watching the scene. "Y-yeah?" Alvar tears off another skeletons head. You are gonna have to move from there if you don't want to be eaten." He states, roundhouse kicking another skeleton in the head and defeating it. Silas looked behind himself to see more menacing skeletons approaching. Some with armour but one, a woman who looked completely human and yet, not?

    Silas immediately gets up from his position and runs over to the side of his Aeon as he proceeds to punch, kick, headbutt and tear off skeleton heads. By his Aeons side, Silas counted the remaining enemies. The woman and five black skeletons. "How are you holding up?" He asked Alvar, legitimately concerned for his Aeon. "I'm fine." He states, letting out a heavy breath. He really was fine, but wasn't expecting to be facing off against so many enemies. Thankfully, the summon had not received any damage. "I think that is the last of them." Silas states, pointing in the direction of the remaining enemies. "Good, cause I am over this." Two purple magic circles appear in either of Alvar's hands as two katana appear. Before the young mage could say anything else, the Aeon pushed forward, darting as the woman fired upon him with laser like attacks from her hands. "You should have just stayed dead!" He shouts, slicing through two of the black skeletons and back flipping over another. Although the two of them didn't get along all the time, Silas did admire Alvar the most and tends to spend the most time with him. Alvar slices through another black skeleton with both blade, twirling around and striking the woman who was only minorly injured. From there, Alvar pushed off to the side, darting towards a nearby tree and bracing his feet against it to push off. Blades held forward, Alvar pushed against the tree and sent himself twirling, spiralling through the remaining black skeletons to only leave the dead woman. "May you rest in pieces." Alvar smirks, stopping behind her and slicing at her multiple times, dismembering her in what only looked like a second.

    Silas couldn't help but be in aw at the sight of his Aeon. He truly was the most dependable Aeon he had and the fact that he was so good to look at with those abs and smooth... "That's it, I've had enough!" Alvar shouts angrily, looking at Silas' expression as he looked over the Aeon. Alvar disappeared like a ripple in water, returning himself to the universe he came from. Silas was a little embarrassed but glad that the request was done. He approached the man at the gates again and received his reward, now ready to return to the Sabertooth Guild Hall.

    WC: 1,378 - Job Complete


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