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    Havardr's Legacy


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    Havardr's Legacy Empty Havardr's Legacy

    Post by Eyir 1st January 2023, 8:04 pm

    Havardr's Legacy GabVlR3

    Magic Name: Havardr's Legacy
    First Magic: Spiritual Divinity
    Secondary Magic: Spirit Bloom

    Magic Type: Holder (Solitary - Holder Item receives 3 additional abilities)

    Proof of Acquisition: Purchased


    Long ago the earliest of Eyir's memories was meeting an old Iser mage. He had given her a name, a home, and knowledge until the day of his death in the isolated mountains of Iceberg. Though the angelic spirit had left what she knew centuries ago it was only recently that she had returned to the cavern she once called home. There an object of power called to her. A libram left behind the mage once known as Havardr. The pages were blank at the time of her finding it but as she increased in power and her desire to protect and heal the world grew, the hidden contents revealed themselves.

    Although Eyir cannot decipher the pages completely the libram recognizes her as its new intended owner due to the wishes of Havardr himself. There is not much the libram does offensively nor does it go out of its way to reveal powers of protection and healing. Its main purpose is to bestow its owner the power to enhance their abilities. The Libram provides several buffs, counter effects, regenerative powers, and the potential to remove problematic spells from the world with negation uses.

    Unique Abilities:
    Normal Spells:
    Advanced Spells:
    Fusion Spells:


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