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    Spiritual Divinity


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    Spiritual Divinity Empty Spiritual Divinity

    Post by Eyir 11th August 2021, 10:00 am

    Spiritual Divinity WVdlm8e

    Magic Name: Spiritual Divinity

    Magic Type: Ancient (Solitary - +25% to Damage Reduction)


    Spiritual Divinity is the base magic that has been with Eyir since the first moment she came into existence. She neither had to learn it nor need to be told that it was there. It courses through her very essence, spirit, and being. Because it is tied to her very spirit and soul, this magic is not like those that are wielded by mages that use the ethernano around them. It comes from a realm beyond that of Ishgar and Earthland entirely. A divine place of holy and light energy that she is deeply tied to.

    This magic takes the form of Eyir's desire to protect and heal. As a result, many forms of defensive shields and barriers are able to be cast to protect allies or herself, and she can also easily heal anyone that is wounded. While there are offensive abilities they are few in number and their existence as a part of her is only because sometimes such spells are necessary. Her ultimate goal for utilizing magic is to support, not to be the offensive attacker.

    Unique Abilities:
    Signature Spells:
    Normal Spells:
    Advanced Spells:

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    Spiritual Divinity Empty Re: Spiritual Divinity

    Post by Medeia 20th January 2022, 1:15 pm


    Spiritual Divinity QlhAT3Z


    Spiritual Divinity Medeia123


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    Spiritual Divinity Empty Re: Spiritual Divinity

    Post by Saraphina 18th December 2022, 6:06 pm


    Spiritual Divinity J8Nltax


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