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    Make them Smile, Make them Laugh! (Entertain the Patients!)

    Volac Seihsa
    Volac Seihsa

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    Make them Smile, Make them Laugh! (Entertain the Patients!) Empty Make them Smile, Make them Laugh! (Entertain the Patients!)

    Post by Volac Seihsa 24th December 2022, 1:50 am

    Volac Seihsa
    My heart will be the judge

    The room was filled with gasps of awe and surprise as Volac swilled his magic around his hands, the blood-red words creating a soft pink glow that pulsed like the beat of a heart. The soft humming of the magic suddenly reached a fever pitch, and a few moments later, a large swathe of bright red flowers with dainty little stems, and glossy petals that glimmered like fresh ice. Each of the kids started poking around them, looking awed at the odd magical flowers, not seeming to notice some of their injuries beginning to abate. Scrapes and bruises fading, swollen injuries and black eyes slowly going down.

    Volac sent a thumbs up at one of the nurses, who looked downright ecstatic.

    The job was a rather simple one, entertain the children at Magnolia’s largest children's hospital. He was utilizing a mixture of some of the non-damaging spells that he had in his arsenal, and his light pen to try and make it a bit easier on himself (As using blood magic was not exactly something that took a light toll on one’s body.). Hitamuki was being held by one of the older children, who was parading the flowery reptile around to the younger children, who all seemed in awe.

    Hitamuki, for her part, was playing along with the children, happily chatting away with them as she was being carried around, and enjoying the attention that she was being given. It wasn’t every day that someone actively spoke to her at all, aside from Volac himself, as even though she was rather friendly… most didn’t seem to like reptiles all that much, especially when that reptile happened to be a snake.

    However, none of the children seemed to mind that she was a snake, not one bit.

    Volac allowed some flowers to blossom across his arms as he held out his hands to one of the children, who looked awestruck at the vibrant color of the bright red blooms that clung to his arms, the soft humming of his magic working away filling the air. Even though his magic was not something that he actively appreciated, it was always rather nice to see someone enjoying it. That alone made it so much more worthwhile for him, as being able to apply it to a worthwhile cause made it much less of a burden on him, and made it a boon that he could use to make others happy.

    So long as he could do that, he could forgive it, if only a little bit. It still wasn’t something that he’d proudly display… but at the very least he could bear utilizing it for what it was meant to be used. To heal, to mend, that was what it was meant to do. And right now, he was trying to mend the hearts of the children here, to bring them joy and happiness.

    And so far, it looked like he was successful.

    The smiles plastered across each of the children’s faces, as they laughed and played around in the artificial flower-field (Some of them having been unable to leave the hospital for months due to their injuries and illnesses), and the older children who were engaged happily with Hitamuki in conversation, and even the little ones who were goofing off with a pack of light-pens that he’d brought as a backup plan in case his magic wasn’t enough, they all seemed to be having quite a bit of fun. A small group of them were playing tic-tac-toe, or doodling on the walls with various colors (Thankfully the magical coloring would fade later, or the nurses would’ve likely chewed him out for it).

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    Make them Smile, Make them Laugh! (Entertain the Patients!) UOPxmco 


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