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    Volac Seihsa (WIP)

    Volac Seihsa
    Volac Seihsa

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    Volac Seihsa (WIP) Empty Volac Seihsa (WIP)

    Post by Volac Seihsa 13th December 2022, 11:04 pm

    Name: Volac Seihsa
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Birthday: 18th of February
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Special Characteristics: semi-mute due to an old injury that makes it difficult to speak.

    Personality: Volac is a relatively upbeat, friendly guy that tries his hardest to keep his attitude positive and sunny. He tries pretty hard to brighten the days of everyone that he comes across, disliking any kind of foul attitude. That being said, however, he is usually very quiet, rarely speaking more than a few words at most, and often makes use of a light pen to write out his thoughts in the air so he doesn't strain his voice. If someone seems sad, he'll often make goofy pictures in the air to try and cheer them up.

    Volac very rarely chooses to fight, preferring to stick with negotiation or to act in more of a supportive type of role, utilizing his magic to aid his allies instead of fighting on his own. If he's forced to fight on his own, usually he'll stick to using his fists or a melee weapon, not liking the idea of being forced to utilize his magic to fight. When he's needed to lead a group of people, he often makes multiple plans, creating backups for various things that could go wrong.

    Volac was born to Isamu and Meryl Seihsa in a village that was deep in the far northern reaches of Fiore, a remote place that had a rather small population. His parents were couriers, and constantly travelled, rarely staying in one place longer than a week. He spent most of his early years on the road with their caravan, helping them deliver packages and mail to various residents. for 12 years, his life was pure bliss, travelling and exploring with his family, and seeing the beautiful sights of northern Fiore...

    until one day, it all went horribly wrong.

    He'd fallen asleep for the night, bundled in a pile of furs that his parents had been gifted as payment for one of their more recent deliveries. When he woke up, however, it was to someone desperately shaking him, their distant voices pleading with him to wake up. He had been dropped down in the snow, left solely in his undergarments, his neck mottled with heavy bruising, and his voice reduced to nothing but a hoarse whisper. His parents were long gone, the ice and snow covering their bodies stained a horrible shade of red. They had been robbed blind by a group of bandits, the group having killed his parents, and beaten him within an inch of his life, and leaving him for dead. The smell of scorched fur and burning wood making him gag.

    From that day onward, he swore he'd get back at them.


    • Drinking: Volac almost always has some form of alcohol on his person, be it an actual bottle or a flask. When he's not doing some form of research or working on a project, you'll see him reading a book and having a mug of beer.

    • Rock Climbing: Volac enjoys taking challenging trips through the mountains, and doing free-climbing. No mountain is too tall, and no cliff is too steep. It often leads to him ending up in trees or sitting in near-impossible positions on the rafters.

    • Adrenaline Junkie: Loves dangerous adventures, terrifying places, and going to places that most people would be afraid to go to. Horror shows, and spooky crypts are his absolute favorite places to visit.


    • Being bored: Volac prefers to have his hands busy, and likes having something to keep him moving around. If he's not busy, he's usually bothering someone to see if they won't give him something to do just so that he's not bored out of his mind.

    • Quiet places: Volac prefers loud, bustling areas instead of the quiet, solemn places that usually bring peace to others. On good days he'll start to hum to himself if it gets too quiet, or try to strike up a conversation.

    • Rude people: Volac is willing to tolerate quite a bit of things, but one thing that consistently bothers him is when people are unnecessarily rude or improper. He'll show just about anyone at least a bit of respect, but that goes out the window the instant someone starts to be rude about something.


    • Adventure: Volac always wants to try and continue onto the next adventure, never lingering in one place for too long. The call of Unexplored places, and special treasures always beckoning to him.

    • Friendship: More than anything, Volac craves someone that he can keep in contact with, and trust to have his back, and he'd do just about anything to keep the attention of someone like that.

    • Knowledge: Another thing that keeps him going is the idea of finding rare types of magic, lost literature, or even special or unique types of flora and fauna that nobody has seen before. Knowledge is power, and its something that he's craved ever since he was a child.


    • Mind magic: Volac is utterly terrified of mental magic, to the point of fleeing from anyone that displays the ability to utilize it. The mere idea of someone utilizing mental magic to affect his memories is often enough to paralyze him out of sheer terror.

    • Freezing: Volac is rarely seen without his heavy coat and scarf, even when its sweltering outside. Snow and ice often unnerve him to the point of making him nauseous, though he can usually ignore it when he has his heavy clothing, hence why he rarely removes it.

    • Death: Volac will fight tooth and nail to ensure that nobody dies under his care, the mere idea of losing another person when he could do something about it terrifying him. He won't let anyone else die for him, not without putting up one hell of a fight.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6'2" (188 cm)
    Weight: 170 lbs (77 kg)
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Honey brown
    Skin Tone: Olive

    Volac Seihsa (WIP) Vallsack

    Guild: Silver Wolves
    Tattoo: palm of his left hand
    Tattoo Color: Dark Blue

    Faction: N/a
    Faction Chapter: N/a

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    Volac Seihsa (WIP) Empty Re: Volac Seihsa (WIP)

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 14th December 2022, 12:09 am

    Volac Seihsa (WIP) HNhUsGf



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