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    Eradicate the Plant


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    Eradicate the Plant Empty Eradicate the Plant

    Post by Khadim 23rd November 2022, 7:37 pm

    Khadim's power had recently been retested and he'd been evaluated as a C rank mage. His strength had gone up and he was now more capable than before. Thanks to his new evaluation, Khadim was able to take more difficult jobs, like the one he was on now. There were reports of a deadly plant attacking people, having maimed a couple of hikers recently. Khadim's job was to eradicate the plant. In theory, it was a simple hunt and kill type of job, though killing a plant might be more difficult than it seems.

    Rih was, once again, in control of Khadim's body as it moved through the forest. Rih was the most powerful entity within Khadim's mind, but a tracker he was not, though none of the other entities within Khadim were any better than he, so he continued searching for signs of plants in a forest containing many plants. In truth, Rih had little trouble telling the plants that were supposed to be in the forest, the ferns and ivies, the tall trees with green at the top, even the algae and fungi were, for the most part within his scope of understanding. He was not, however, very sure what kind of plant he was searching for nor what signs to even look for. A plant that killed people was outside of his purview. In a way, he hoped it was a "you'll know it when you see it" situation.

    "I don't even know what we're looking for." Khadim's thoughts echoed through the shared space of their mind, so all the other entities within him could hear what he was thinking.

    "Killer plant, obviously." Qua was short with Khadim, as usual.

    "Sure, but like, what does a killer plant look like? Khadim asked, trying to understand their situation a little better. He'd hate to die because he didn't even know what to look for out in this forest. Rih was, uncharacteristically, rather quiet.

    "A plant with bodies nearby, either dead or dying."

    "Gah, you're so frustrating Qua."

    "Shush, little one," Rih finally answered. He often called Khadim little one as a means of belittling him. He knew that he needed Khadim to remain weak of mind so that he could maintain control of the body they shared. For that reason, Rih often worked with Qua to control Khadim's body in hopes of squashing Khadim's spirit, little by little. Rih happened along the plot of land where the hikers had been maimed. This was the scene of the plant's crimes and the best place to find clues to its whereabouts.

    "Oh blood! This is where it happened right!?" Khadim noted the splatters of blood that still remained on the forest floor. Some blood was also present on tree trunks and nearby rocks. It was clear that a brutal attack had occurred there.

    "Yes, we all see it." Rih, once again, admonished Khadim's excitement and desire to state what everyone could clearly determine for themselves. "Now, we just need to pick up the tracks of this attacker."

    Khadim's body, with Rih in control, peered around the forest before a vine that was just a bit too green compared to the others. He moved closer to investigate and, with a finger, gave the vine a poke.

    "Is that a vine from the killer?!" Khadim asked his godly stowaways. The vine didn't move or react in anyway to the finger poke, so there was no more information to go on.

    "Sometimes, I wish we existed in a physical realm, so I could slap some sense into you." Rih responded, turning back to the scene of the crime. It was then that the recently poked vine began to wrap around Khadim's ankle. Rih looked down, only to have his feet dragged out from under him and his to come crashing towards the ground. Luckily, his hands were able to break some of the fall, but the god was now rightfully enraged. He was mad for two reasons, one, he'd been sneak attacked which was always a good way to get on Rih's bad side, but secondly, he was mad because he looked a fool to Khadim.

    Calling forth his power, Rih's tornadoes circled around Khadim's arms and legs. The wind was strong enough to fling the vine from Khadim's ankle. The wind around his arms shot into the ground, flinging Khadim's light body into the air as Rih purposely reoriented the body so that he was facing the direction of the vine. Khadim hadn't really witnessed Rih go full Take Over before and it was really impressive to see his body in action under the control of Rih. The vine seemed to disappear as it retreated from the Wind God, Rih, snaking its way between trees, under rocks, and through shrubs and other foliage.

    Rih didn't intend to give the plant any time to hide or reassess the situation, he used his tornadoes to remain airborne and then launched himself forward. He was masterful in his control, able to remain in the air and swerve through the forest's many trees as he chased the vine. Khadim was in awe as he was forced to be merely a spectator. As the vine squeezed itself through two trees, Rih raised an arm and shot his tornado at full force. The wind hit the right tree and shattered the trunk, giving Rih plenty of room to continue his chase. The vine made its way through a clearing and Rih slowed his pace.

    "Why are you slowing down?! We have to get that thing."

    "Don't be foolish boy, don't you see?" As Khadim's body came to a stop, his head turned to look around them. "The ground here is clear because the plant has killed all the trees." Khadim had noticed the abundance of shriveled up. dead trees, or what remained of their trunks.

    "Looks like the plant has sucked all the life out of them..." Khadim trailed off, not entirely sure what else there was to say. Rih flew high into the air and then rained down his strongest tornado, shredding the plant into thousands of pieces.

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