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    The Cat and the Plant


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    Private The Cat and the Plant

    Post by Elwin 12th July 2023, 4:53 am

    Stepping off the train Elwin took in the sight of Oak Town for the first time, a beautiful town surrounded by forest and rivers practically a haven in the forest. He wished he could rush to the libraries and study the ancient history of such a historic town.

    Elwin sighed "But... no time for that, i suppose." He pulled out the sheet listing the job details "Help!!! Neighbor in danger! Assassin plot! Come to this address for more details!: "Oak Town xxxx" Elwin read over the job request several times. "Couldn't they have been more.. specific?" Elwin thought to himself. He sighed and began making his way to the listed address.

    After a few hours of searching he had finally found the address listed on the paper. It was a simple looking home, with many... um... cats? The front door had a cat shaped knocker, a welcome mat with cat ears and the words... "Meowdy!" Elwin grimaced, and swallowed. "Here we go..."


    There was a loud shuffling from behind the door and several high pitched meows.

    "Ohhh! One minute please!"

    The click of a deadbolt unlocking and the swinging of the door revealed a short old woman with shaggy grey hair tied into a messy bun, she wore a bright yellow sweater with cat paws adorned all over. "Ohhh! What a cute young thing you are!" She grabbed Elwin and pulled him into a tight hug.

    "M-m'am p-please..."
    Elwin was getting dizzy from the violent shaking. "Ohhh! I'm so sorry!" The women had finally noticed the guild insignia on his neck. "Ohhh! You're from Luminous Rose! You must be here about my request!"

    Elwin was put down and sighed with relief. "Um... yes, I just needed some more details, if you don't mind." The woman dragged him inside and forcefully sat him on pink cat themed sofa. Before Elwin could register what was happening there was a cup of tea and a plate of cookies in front of him.

    The woman sat next to him and explained the job in full detail. Her neighbor: Mrs. Rose was the recent winner of a local flower contest and the whole town celebrated her achievement, except for the runner up. An old alchemist woman who practiced dark magic deep in the woods of Oak Town. She hired an assassin from an assassin guild and plans to eliminate Mrs. Rose leaving no competition as to who the best florist is.

    As Elwin was about to leave, the cat woman had stopped him. "Ohhh! One more thing dearie, please don't let her know about this assassination plan, it would just break her gentle heart."

    Elwin stepped outside and began to ponder. Stop an assassination attempt without letting the target know they are even in any danger, this might get tricky.

    With the information acquired Elwin rushed to Mrs. Rose's home, keeping a lookout for any suspicious figures.

    Elwin had arrived at the home of Mrs. Rose, he stepped onto the porch and was about to knock on the front door but stopped himself. Perhaps if he can stop the assassin before they can even reach Mrs. Rose, then he can simply avoid the issue of Mrs. Rose wondering who he was. It was time for Elwin to enter... stakeout mode!

    He hid in a small patch of nearby bushes and waited for any suspicious activity. He waited... and waited... and finally... waited some more. After Elwin was about to give up, a man in a brown trench coat and hat that hid is face walked up to the home. He dropped what looked like a letter near the door and knocked, before dashing off.

    Elwin sprung into action and stole the letter near the door before the Mrs. Rose had a chance to open the door. He hid back behind the bushes just before the door opened. "Hello?" Mrs. Rose looked around for a second, shrugged, and closed the door. Elwin sighed with relief and opened the letter.

    My Dearest Rose,

    Your beauty has taken root into my heart and bloomed into love.

    The flowers you grow pale in comparison to the beauty you have.

    I want to share the bountiful harvest of love with you and share the rest of my life with you.

    Please, meet me at the old storehouse so we may begin our new life together.

    ~Your One and Only

    Elwin stared at the letter unblinking... "What?" he thought to himself. Elwin composed himself and thought to himself, this is just a scheme from the assassin to get Mrs. Rose in a secluded area. He had to get to this old storehouse and stop the assassin.

    After a bit of searching, he found an old storehouse that apparently was once used to store equipment for a flower shop. The perfect spot to find an assassin.

    He silently entered the dark storehouse his celestial keys in hand prepared to take on the assassin. As he reached the center of the storehouse suddenly, a spotlight flashed onto him.

    "My love! you've come to me!" An old man with a grey beard and balding head appeared before him holding a bouquet of roses. Elwin looked at the old man with a shocked expression.

    "Y-You're not an assassin are you...?"
    The old man looked at him shock. "An assassin!? Why, I could never hurt my precious petal!" Elwin sighed and was about to apologize, but stopped.

    He left Mrs. Rose unguarded.

    Elwin apologized quickly to the old man while rushing out of the storehouse back to Mrs. Rose's home.

    As he arrived back at the home his heart dropped as he saw the door was left wide open. He rushed into the old woman's home and looked around. "Mrs. Rose! Are you ok!?"

    An old women in a colorful floral dress rushed out to meet him "Oh my! What is the issue?" Elwin sighed with relief at seeing her safe. "And I'm sorry dear, but who are you?" As his adrenaline wore off Elwin was left a blubbering mess, unsure of what to say. "Did the cat lady send you over? She always seems to be worrying about me for no good reason!" Elwin simply nodded at her question and chuckled nervously.

    "Oh well it cant be helped i suppose..." She sighed "Make yourself comfortable dear I have to check my plants and ill be back shortly." She smiled politely and exited through a nearby door. Elwin took this chance to examine the home quickly, noting a kitchen, bathroom, and other simple things found in most homes. No assassin in sight.

    Elwin began to search for Mrs. Rose and found her coming back from what looked to be the entrance of an indoor greenhouse. "I'm sorry dearie, i'm such a terrible host!" She ushered him to sit. "Its no trouble ma'am i'm sorry for barging in so suddenly like this." Elwin smiled at the kind old woman. "Oh don't you worry your little head, in fact let get something for you to drink." She quickly got up and disappeared into the kitchen. Perhaps the cat woman was wrong, and there isn't any assassin at all.

    Mrs. Rose returned with two cups of tea. That was rather quick, to brew an entire pot of tea. She sat the two cups down and smiled at him. "What a gentleman you are, brewing this tea for us to share!"

    Elwin froze, the cup barely grazing his lips. He quickly set the cup down "W-wait Mrs. Rose!" She stopped, her cup also almost reaching her lips. "I uh.. I'm sorry I need sugar with my tea! Ill fetch it!" Elwin grabbed both cups of tea rushing into the kitchen.

    Sitting on the stove was a freshly brewed pot of tea, one he certainly did not prepare. He quickly dumped the contents of the cups and and pot into the sink and washed it away. He looked around the empty kitchen.

    "I know you're here" Silent still. Elwin sighed and reached for his celestial keys.

    "Open: Gate of Miasma!"
    A puff of purple smoke emitted from the key and revealed his celestial spirit: Miss Blight.

    "My, my, If it isn't Elwin! Have you gotten shorter since you last summoned me? And my you're so skinny! You'll never get a man if you don't put on some muscle you know?" Elwin blushed in frustration. "Ok ok! No more! Just.. fill this room with miasma please!" Miss Blight smiled slyly "Oh changing the subject are we? Fine Fine" She huffed from her pipe and blew the purple smog into the room, soon filling it miasma.

    Elwin stared into the purple smoke waiting silently. At first Elwin assumed he was wrong, but soon he heard a choking noise from was once an empty corner. Which is now replaced by a figure in a dark assassins cloak.

    "Damn nosy guilds, always ruining our work!" The assassin broke through a nearby window jumping into the streets below. Elwin rushed out of the kitchen past Mrs. Rose who asked what was going on. Elwin had simply yelled out something about a mage brawl he had to break up before rushing into the streets.

    He had managed to follow the assassins trail back to the same abandoned storehouse from earlier. He entered to a familiar darkness.

    Elwin looked around for the assassin once again. He called forth his spirit Miss Blight once again.

    "Twice in one day Elwin? My, you really must get other friends, this is-" "No! just... do the same thing as list time again! uh, please?" Miss Blight sighed and huffed from her pipe once again, and soon filled the room with familiar miasma.

    The assassin once again appeared trying to strike down Miss Blight with some throwing daggers from the darkness. The daggers simply phased through her gaseous body while she chuckled against the assassins efforts. The miasma was beginning to take its effects on the assassin, his movements began to slow and began coughing more frequently.

    It was time to deliver the finishing blow to this assassin, "Open gate of the Dancer: Allegro!" in a flash of light his spirit Allegro formed. "Finish this with a powerful kick!" Allegro dashed towards the assassin and in a quick flash, delivered a finishing kick to the gut. The assassin reeled over in pain and finally fainted.

    Elwin tied up the the assassin and let the local knights know of his illegal actions.

    Elwin had reported back to the cat woman on his success and that he successfully left Mrs. Rose in blissful ignorance. He had also told her that if their were any more trouble with that witch of a neighbor, to let the guild know and he'll put a stop to it for good.

    With his mission complete he boarded the first train back to the guild to report on a job well done.

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