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    Deus ex Machina

    Aspen Azarov
    Aspen Azarov

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    Lineage : Samurai Spirit
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    Faction : The Luminous Covenant
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    First Skill: Requip - Deus ex Machina
    Second Skill: Take-Over - Draconis
    Third Skill: Sanguine Avenger

    Deus ex Machina Empty Deus ex Machina

    Post by Aspen Azarov 19th November 2022, 1:34 pm

    Deus ex Machina 5w4qyg7

    Magic Type:
    Solitary Martial (Character can have up to 5 Requip spells active at once. +75% to Strength and Speed. Allows the user to replace their spells and abilities with techniques in the associated magic.)



    • Altered magic type based on the ability "Way of the Sword" from the lineage Samurai Spirit.
    • Additional Spell Slots (S+ rank Advanced, H+ rank Advanced, S rank Signature) based on the ability "Midian Warrior" from the lineage Samurai Spirit.
    • Sacrificing H rank spell slots for an additional H+ rank Advanced Spell Slot based on the ability "Midian Warrior".
    • 5x Additional Spell Slots from this purchase (Account used to be Cassius).

    Unique Abilities:

    • Ability 1:

    • Ability 2:

    • Ability 3:

    Deus ex Machina 0vMAD4u

    Signature Techniques:

    Passive Techniques:

    A Rank Techniques - 9:

    S Rank Techniques - 6:

    Technique Templates:

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