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    Deus Ex Magicka


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    Deus Ex Magicka

    Post by Nao on 30th November 2016, 4:22 pm

    Username: Nao
    Secondary Magic Name: Deus Ex Magicka (Teritary)
    Evidence of Accomplishment: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t19666-nao-s-secondary-training-thread
    Description: Magic blessed those around the world with powers beyond normal comprehension. This magic doesn’t bless the person with powers, but instead blesses them with luck that things turn out the way they should. However the magic that blesses him with this only blesses luck during non-violent situations.
    Strengths:- Things can be found with the help of this magic.
    - Hints of where to go, and guidance on a journey can be gained.
    - Can find Bosses.

    Weaknesses:- Cannot be used to hurt others.
    - Cannot be used to gain advantage over another mage who opposes you. Magic blesses all, not curses one to bless another.
    - Very specific blessings. It can’t be manipulated to give someone an even larger advantage.
    - Cannot save people from death.
    - Cannot bypass requirements (if a boss needs 3 rolls of strong before hand then they must be done before some prayers are done).
    - Cannot be used in events.
    - Requires a prayer to be cast.

    D-Rank Spell Name: Blessing of Days.
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 4
    Description:The day/night cycle shifts 12 hours, turning light to dark, and vice versa within the space of 5 minutes.
    Strengths:- Can fast forward day and night.
    Weaknesses: - Takes a few minutes to warm up.
    - Cannot be used while being distracted as it’s a prayer for help.

    C-Rank Spell Name:Blessing of Wisdom.
    Rank: C
    Duration: Instant.
    Description:The user is blessed by some handy dandy help in working out a puzzle of situation.
    Strengths:- Helps with puzzles and riddles.
    - Boosts knowledge temporarily.
    Weaknesses: - The user wll forget everything they learned from this soon after.
    - Can cause mild amnesia effects until the blessing is ready again.
    - Cannot strategies on combat, only on working out puzzles.
    - Only mental feats.

    B-Rank Spell Name:Blessing of Skill
    Rank: B
    Duration:1 post
    Cooldown: 7
    Description:The user is blessed with the ability to accomplish any kind of menial skill. Play guitar really great, jump over long distances, steal the priceless jade monkey. All plausible!
    Strengths: -Can attempt feats that wouldn’t have really been possible.
    Weaknesses: - Only works for one post.
    - Only grants physical feats.
    - Cannot be used to dodge attacks.

    A-Rank Spell Name:Blessing of prospecting.

    Description: The user makes a prayer to find someone, be it a boss or a person they need to find. They just happened to be where they either least or most expected them to be.
    Strengths:- Can actually find bosses.
    - Can find targets needed for jobs.
    Weaknesses: - Just because they’re found doesn’t mean they are easy to reach.
    - Cannot work in events what so ever.
    - Still requires quest requirements to be completed. This just speeds up having to wait for that one roll.

    S-Rank Spell Name: Blessing of the Veil
    Duration:1 post after cast.
    Description: The user and allies is covered over as a group of enemies passes over them.
    Strengths:- Hides from 1 group of enemies or from anything for 1 post.
    Weaknesses: – If a job requires you to fight a certain number of enemies than this doesn’t count.
    - You cannot go back and fight this group after either.
    - Must be declared and used before a roll.
    - Cannot work in event situations.


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