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    Path of Redemption

    Blaire Fenella
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    Path of Redemption Empty Path of Redemption

    Post by Blaire Fenella 10th November 2022, 8:10 pm


    Magic Name: Path of Redemption
    Magic Type: Holder [Solitary]
    Holder Item: Holder Armor: Lorica Tenebrae
    Description: Holder Magic has taken many forms over the life span of Magic's existence. Historically speaking, the majority of these forms have tended to revolve around a weapon or an item. Holder Magic revolving around the employment of an armor is indeed rare, often being confused with an employment of Requip Magic by those who aren't well versed in the differences between the two. Ciarran's primary affinity with magic is tied to that of a particular set of armor. This armor is something that was rumored to no longer exist. So for it to be found deep within the confines of a ruin was a surprise, to say the least.

    However, it is very much an armor whose very appearance still carries much baggage: The infamous armor of the Unholy Rider. An armor known as Lorica Tenebrae. The original Black Knight was--supposedly--a man who was so well versed in elemental magic that they were able to manipulate seemingly any pure elemental force they came into contact with. Eventually, their own power began to corrupt them. Judging by the corrupt nature of the spells pried from the 'memories' of this armor the original bearer had certainly become more demon than man.

    These spells are quite evil in appearance indeed. Yet, Ciarran claims that there is a shimmer of something different buried deep within the armor. Something more..hopeful. Perhaps a spark of what the Black Knight once was? So, Ciarran continues to don this armor, in hopes that a deeper connection with it might reveal it's original nature, and perhaps even bring a sense of Redemption to the 'Black Knight' of history.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Bulwark of The Unholy Knight: Binding one's own magical signature to something magical is known to have knock on effects on the abilities of the user over enough time. This is very much the case with Ciarran and Lorica Tenebrae, as this combination of user and armor has resulted in a 90% buff to Spell Durability as well as HP.


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    Path of Redemption Empty Re: Path of Redemption

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 28th November 2022, 4:09 am

    Oop just a few small edits in this color



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